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What's your stance?

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As you may or may not know, you can ride your boards in either the normal boarding stance (left foot in front) or in the goofy stance (right foot). This actually effects the gameplay a fair bit. Some characters default to one or the other, and their main gear part is set to that stance. Sonic, for instance, is set to regular.

So what works for all you guys out there? I ride goofy myself. Normal's kinda hard for me to do actually. My nephew rides normal though, and without even having jumped into the tutorial was a better player than me right off the get go.

For the curious, here's each character's run down if you haven't seen it already:








Metal Sonic









Manic. He's not in the game, but hey The More You Know

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In story mode, your character's main skill part (speed/fly/power) is set to their stance. For Sonic, to use Speed Formation skills, you have to ride normal. If you "switch!" to goofy, you enable whatever your backup skill is.

In free race modes, you can set the parts however you like, so you could set Sonic's speed skill to the secondary part, and have it your default if you ride goofy.

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That is a fairly cool piece of continuity. Better than in Black Knight where they made Shadow right-fucking-handed. He was always a lefty in his game (apart from on the boxart).

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After watching a few cutscenes, the stances aren't too consistent. In the anime intro of Sonic Riders, I could see all characters riding in the Regular stance, except at times where some characters would randomly switch to the Goofy stance. In the opening CG cutscene of Sonic Riders, Storm and Wave are riding in the Regular stance. In the "black hole" cutscene of Zero Gravity, it looks like everyone is in the Regular stance...

I am disappointed.

EDIT: Sonic Riders Japanese boxart shows Jet in the Regular stance.

SRZG boxart shows Storm in the Regular stance and Knuckles in the Goofy stance.

But I guess they just flipped the artworks.

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