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The Doncaster Devils

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I've struggled 4 times to make this topic now. Each time I'm not happy, it's not right. The mood is either totally wrong or it's just not discussion worthy enough.

So I think I'm just going to click submit and then you can decide on if it's presentation is the most important issue here.

The papers have dubbed these two people 'The Doncaster Devils.' I don't particually like that name, I think it sounds a bit too glamerous... but thats just me.

A few days ago, a small boy aged around 10 appeared in his street following a fishing trip with his friend covered in blood, beaten, and with multiple stab wounds.

He told his rescuers that he and his friend had been robbed, attacked and left for dead... Police and locals imediately searched the area, they then found a boy aged 9 in a field with similar wounds and dying.

Yesterday that boy had an opperation to save his life... today he had a second.

Police today charged two people with the following crimes.

Two accounts of armed robbery.

Two accounts of attemptive murder.

Now here is where it gets beyond belief...

One of the suspects is 10... the other is 11. The crimes were comitted by two males who are still classified under UK law as children.

This has echos of the James Bulger murder during the 1990's. when two boys abducted a todler, murdered him after a session of torture, already the sun has interviewed the mother of James and she's already spoken out about the horror that this case has brought her.

The problem with this case is the following...

There is only so much punishment the courts can give. The killers of James Bulger should still be in jail... but because of their age, they were released earlier than if they were adults.

This will be the same. The problem we have in my opinion with this and many other countries around the world, is that we charge and punish people based on an age... an idea that by age ** you should know better.

Some people won't like what I'm about to say... but I have always thought that when it came to people under 16, the courts should decide how to trial the offender by the following... Imagine the suspect died and was being judged in the afterlife... How would they judge? By the age of the individual? Or if that individual knew the difference between right and wrong?

If these boys know the difference between right and wrong... then they should be charged as adults in my opinion. And they should not be released for a very very long time.

Source But in all honesty, come tomorrow there won't be many people who will not have heard about this.

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Thats really just sickening. I dont believe that criminals of that degree will be let off just because of thier age. Yes, thier ten but what makes them so special that they get let out of prison early. To be honest I agree that they should be punished like adults. For all we know they could go and do it again once they get out because they still can unlike every other murderer.

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I read about this yesterday and what sickens me is that they are capable of such human carnage!!!!

We saw this it remind me of this quote from Scream: "You're absolutely right. It is not fair. Fairness would be to rip your insides out and hang you from a tree so we can expose you for the heartless, desensitized little shits that you are! "

But seriously I think these kids should be locked up and so should their parents for breeding vicious little monsters like that.

One of the victims is lucky to be alive!!!! :o

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This does indeed ring a lot of alarm bells for me because they are so young and yet so damaged. It's very much the Jamie Buldger case all over again.

The boys in the Buldger case got let off easy, they got jailed and then let out with new identities and are probably boasting about it to one another and one day they will slip up.

I don't think these boys deserve the easy way out the Buldger Bastards got. These kids need A LOT of therapy and and locked up for ever. They are a danger to society and other children at 10/11 imagine how much of a danger they'd be when they grow up! There's no way this is just a little phase they're just sick, twisted, little bastards!

The boy who was rescued and survived is VERY lucky, will be suffering from mental trauma for a long time the poor thing but at least he is alive. Such a sad story. =(

Cas I fully agree "The Doncaster Devils" is far too glamorous they're just little thugs.

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How old the were Jamie Bulger boys at the time? Because I believe at the moment the age of responsibility is 10, so both of these Doncaster boys are above it...but I don't think the Bulger boys were. That could make a difference in sentencing, couldn't it?

There's not really much more I have to say about the case, to be honest. Its horrific, and hopefully justice will be served. I don't want to get into the psychology of the attackers. Sure, they are twisted, but let's not pretend they are the only two children in the country at the moment like that. They're just the two most recent to have done something and get caught.

Alsi, I too hate the name "Doncaster Devils", damn tabloids.

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