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TSS: SEGA Sonic Radio Project 24 Returns! Sunday 21st November 2010

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Project-24-1024x238.pngBack by popular demand! SEGASonic: Radio‘s day-long event returns for the second year running on November 21st! This year’s 24-hour LiveCast includes a whole host of regular and one-off shows hosted by SS:R DJs old and new, bringing you the best of Sonic the Hedgehog music as well as a whole host of prizes to be given out over the course of the day!

What is Project 24?

Last year, Project 24 set out to promote the Sonic Stadium’s radio station SEGASonic:Radio. Over the course of the week we have many live DJ’s who play a whole host of Sonic music and do provide entertaining conversation and entertainment to the community. As with last year, Project 24 is here to give you the opportunity to tune in anytime during the day to one or more of the livecasts in order to hear what our station has to offer! It’s also a chance to join the DJs and other Sonic fans in the SS:R chatroom to join in with the show!

Project 24 2009

Project 24 last year was highly successful, with the IRC chatroom filling to capacity and the airwaves remaining packed with listeners over the course of the day! Our DJ’s included some notable characters from the community, including regulars such as SEGA Senior Community Manager AAUK with Radio Redux, and veteran DJs including Hawkz with Hawkz In Da House.

Project 24 This Year

From Midnight (12am GMT) on Sunday, November 21st you’ll have live DJ action from the likes of TSS Webmaster DreadKnux with The Sonic Hour, Blitz and Pieces with SS:R Superstar and Project 24 Mastermind BlitzChris and Afternoon T with yours truely, T-Bird!


Over the 24 hours we’ll have sonic related prizes to give away including:

4x Sonic Branded DS Stylus Kits

2x Sonic Branded DS Stylus & Carry Packs

1x Sonic Branded Wii Induction 2pc charging dock

1x Sonic Branded Wii Controller and Game case

More details on prizes will be given over the course of the next few days, along with a detailed list of the schedule so you dont miss out on your favourite show!

Get Pumped!

Project 24 Programme

12:00 AM: The Lowdown with the DJ Dan Dyer

01:00 AM: HyperSonic Remix Special with DJ Hypersonic

02:00 AM: HyperSonic Remix Special with DJ Hypersonic

03:00 AM: The Realm of Awkward Banter with Edward850

04:00 AM: A/V Hijack with Biafra Republic

05:00 AM: =TBA=

06:00 AM: Emerald Coast with Vger

07:00 AM: =TBA=

08:00 AM: The Cold Hard Facts with Iceman

09:00 AM: The Cold Hard Facts with Iceman

10:00 AM: Hawkz In Da House with Hawkz

11:00 AM: SpeedKnux Pie with Speedknux

12:00 PM: =TBA=

01:00 PM: Blitz & Pieces with BlitzChris

02:00 PM: =TBA=

03:00 PM: DJ Darkspeeds with Darkspeeds

04:00 PM: T-Time (Afternoon T Special) with T-Bird

05:00 PM: T-Time (Afternoon T Special) with T-Bird

06:00 PM: Sonic Hour with Dreadknux

07:00 PM: Radio Redux with AAUK

08:00 PM: Radio Redux with AAUK

09:00 PM: RadioSega Special

10:00 PM: Talk It Up! with cdrom1019

11:00 PM: Turbo Drive Live with Turbo

12:00 PM: =TBA=

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