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Sonic Free Riders Demo Available Now


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For those who have a Kinect but didn't pick up this game, a demo is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

I don't have a Kinect so I wouldn't be able to get past the menus. But if you fit the above description then you might want to look into this.


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I don't have access to my Xbox 360 and Kinect at the moment, since my wife is using the TV. I'm putting a news post out and if anyone could tell me what characters and Gear are available, then I'd be grateful.

Description only mentions the track:

Download the demo now and experience the freedom of full motion body control and speed of Sonic Free Riders. You are the controller – jump on your board, twist and turn through the vibrant tropical paradise of Dolphin Resort and launch crazy weapons to knock your opponents off course. Can you boost your way into first place?

Oh, and thanks for the heads up, Yong.

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God dammit >_> (tries 4 more times with same result)

I'll just try later :\

That's what I keep getting :-/ Guess someone's released it too early, since the Marketplace doesn't usually receive new items until tomorrow. I can't find the demo on the console Marketplace.


Just got the demo working and it's now available on the console marketplace, too. You get to play as Sonic or Jet on their signature board Gear. Instead of the game's CG intro, you're greeted with one of those trailers that have beautiful people showing you how the game is played.

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Downloaded and uploaded a demo version!

I liked the level, not bad looking. Voice control amused, I said 2-3 start, something to finally play.

Maybe I was lazy to manage.

Download here :

http://www.mediafire.com/?m6i7a0knvvkqo1g - Part 1

http://www.mediafire.com/?by57zyc6164bca0 - Part 2

http://www.mediafire.com/?f8sr7fbrt8ysin2 - Part 3

http://www.mediafire.com/?ajz51znd3czca5f - Part 4

http://www.mediafire.com/?32b37hitronrorj - Part 5

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