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A couple new ones. I think my niche is more along the lines of manipulation, rather than creating from scratch (at the moment, anyway), so there's a lot of official artwork in here, but I figure you guys are smart enough to know that I'm not THAT talented, nor that I'm passing off those assets as my own.

And without further ado...


I thought the newly released Sonic 1&2 Soundtrack album art was boring, so I made my own. I now call it the Sonic 1 and 2: Mega Soundtrack! I may make one special for Sonic 3 & Knuckles. If so, I'll post it here.


Oshima-san's latest Classic Sonic sketch, with a background that I added.


I didn't make this beautiful render (sadly), HOWEVER, I DID make the background entirely from scratch. Please focus on that, and not that dapper hedge-gentlehog.


A glass bubble I made entirely from scratch!


And a version with Classy Sonic stuck inside! How'd he get in there? Can he breathe underwater now?

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Apologies for double-posting, but I have something new and Sonical!


Unlike most of my previous work, this was all made entirely from scratch in Photoshop. It's still a work in progress, I plan on adding some numerals for the purpose of proof-of-concept, and I may re-size the HUD to a more appropriate length for the Score and Time, but yeah, this is what I have going on.


And a slight update~

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BUMP! More Sonic soundtrack album art I made in Photoshop... this time with some consistency!






Okay, I actually made the Sonic 4 one first a couple weeks ago, and have only now gotten around to finishing what I started.

Also, obligatory "I don't own SEGA or its assets" but replicating the box-art, special effects, blablabla are made by me. Feel free to use these!

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Hooray for a re-design of the main cast! In light of a potential re-boot, I was inspired to re-imagine modern designs for Sonic, Tails, Eggman and a new Flicky named "Flick" are all in view!

Flick is the token small animal character. Since Eggman's always capturing the little critters, why not have one that's easily recognizable? Besides, he could be a tutorial help navi for the continuing classic games, considering how it's likely that they haven't met Omochao yet.

S'yeah. Did it all with Photoshop and a mouse.Yay! biggrin.png

Should I re-design other characters?

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they are going to meet his holy transcendence, Bananas the Echidna, the subsequently be killed by his banana fists before returning to normal in the next strip.

That's just my guess, though.

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