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Showcase: #57 Return To Little Planet 2 TRAILER!!! Exclusive Premiere Jan 1st!Industry Interview: “Sonic Remastered Trackz” Remixer Paul Stetich

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Did you see! DID YOU FREAKING SEE IT YET! Finally after over a year, Return To Little Planet returns this new years day exclusively on The Sonic Show!

Have you watched the trailer! Epic stuff, it’s about time we had one of these fan films actually get released!


After the release of the new remix album “Sonic Remastered Trackz” we caught up with one of the DJ’s featuring, Paul Stetich (he’s a wrestler, yes thats him in the photo!). If you’ve ever searched sonic remixes of any kind on Newgrounds you are sure to have come across some of Paul’s work. To hear the interview in full, including the complete play-thru of the first disc, check out Episode 27 of Blitz & Pieces (Warning: adult themes discussed).

B&P : Along with us is Paul Stetich!

PS: Heyyy!

B&P: That’s Paul! If you haven’t heard of Paul, first of all a big WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Paul is fairly big in the sonic remix scene, and recently there has been a Sonic Remix album released called “Sonic Remastered Trackz”, and it was a ‘colab’ between four people.

PS: We’ve had a whole bunch of songs, a whole bunch of art and a whole bunch of flash submitted and we made a cool flash out of that, and decided to make an album out of it.

B&P: What was your favourite track from the compilation?

PS: I would have to go with DJMykes Tidal Tempest, if you’re listening next week, check it out!

B&P: Approved by Paul Stetich himself! What was your favourite track of your own from the compilation?

PS: That’s a good one! I would have to say my Sonic Spinball, Toxic Cave remix. It was on the Newgrounds front page for two weeks!

B&P: Have you got anything in the works at the moment? Any “off the cuff” Sonic remixes?

PS: Yeah I’ve got a few going. Right now I’m doing a second remix of sonic ice cap, because with the first one, I had just started and I want to see how far I’ve come. A “before and after” effect if you know what I mean. I’m also working on a Tetris remix, and a few original pieces of my own.

B&P: What would be your favourite Sonic Remixer of all time, out of all the ones you know?

PS: Wow. Just wow! You’ve got my hands tied, I cannot answer that one. There’s too many to choose from. I’m going to have to go with Frankiedaman (Newgrounds).

B&P: Would you ever consider submitting your remixes into OCRemix?

PS: Now that you mention it, I used to have an OCRemix account, but it got hacked, so yeah. You know what? I’m not too sure if my song did end up submitted…

B&P: We do have one last question, before you head off, we know you can’t stick around for too long, but how abouts do you go making a remix? Where do you start?

PS: Well, with my music you’ll notice some sort of pattern. I like to visualise the sonic song in my head, change the instruments so that they sound smoother or a little more hardcore then the original, and then I just add my own stuff. I’ve known piano for a long time so I know things like trills and lots of other cool stuff. It’s just pretty much “experiment as I go” and it tends to sound good when it comes out.

B&P: Whatever you’re doing, it’s working! Keep your eye out for Paul’s work on Newgrounds, and thanks for being on the show!

PS: Hey! No problem, anytime brother!

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Oh cool, Return to Little Planet, YET AGAIN, doesn't take place on Little Planet..... And there's lotsa shooting.... can't wait. <_<

If you couldn't tell, I wasn't a fan of the original, and honestly, I can't possibly hope this one will be any better, though hopefully they might have actually learned to make a plot.

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