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Okay everyone! Just a couple of days away from the next update, so to help quench a thirst for awesome Homestuck related content, have an awesome music video!

Also works great as a trailer. I showed it to my sister, who I couldn't convince before that HS wasn't stupid and boring, (only showed her Act 1 because SPOILERS) and now she's finally agreed to read it. I wonder how this will turn out.

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You wrote that one? It's really good, and one of my favorites on the album. It's got a really cool sort of beat and funkiness to it. I definitely got a mental picture of Bro kicking ass in LOHAC while that plays in the background.

A few other songs I really like from Universe B are:

1: Emerald Terror. I love the sort of old-timey beginning, and how it builds up to a sweet guitar that sounds suspenseful, as if something important, or a deadly duel is just about to happen...

2: Blue Atom. This is so jazzy and awesome. It's relaxing in a way, but also in a way that I want to tap my foot along to it. It reminds me of Casinopolis lobby, one of my favorite tracks from SA, and it's a remix of The Beginning of Something Really Excellent which is something really excellent that isn't as recognizable as some other songs to most but I looove iiiittt.

3: Battle Brotocol. Is it cheating to put two bro songs in this list? Nope. I love this one, so chiptuney and upbeat and almost kind of boss fight like. I especially love 00:58 and forward. That sound is so cool.

Also, Dapper Dueling sounds like a showdown at high noon mixed with Gerudo Valley, which is a very good combination indeed.

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He's got Aradia's time tables. Presumably he jumped through time.

Also hell fucking yes I love Ruins.

Also he's still got those scars, so...was he already god tier before he sobered up?

The page where Karkat does his last memo before the scratch and where he talks to past Gamzee has what looks strangely similar to the pillars of a Quest Bed sitting above a tent. It's quite possible that it was some sort of a Quest Bed variation since Trolls use Quest Cocoons, and perhaps the imps were feeding him sopor slime to fuck his shit without being aware of repercussions.

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Hands up if you saw this coming.


PUT THOSE HANDS DOWN. Seriously this caught me way off-guard but it's hilarious to watch the fandom react.

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Well okay

That Gamzee was going to prototype the dead trolls was a pretty common theory

And I've even seen people point out that there's more dead trolls than kernelsprites, so they'd need to double up to bring everyone back

But I never thought

that it would actually happen

I'm not entirely convinced that I actually saw that. No matter how many times I look at it.

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Now I'm just curious what batshit insane prototyping will occur next.

Feferi/Eridan, Equius/Nepeta and Sollux/Sollux seems to be the most reasonable expectations but,

What if Sollux and Feferi happens and they become narcissists

Or Equius and Eridan in a hilarious Landweller/Seadweller sitcom

Shit look at the possibilities

Ahahaha I just realized this is going to be double awkward for Vriska once she meets up with John.

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