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Dear Pakistan Mcdonalds...

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Rouge the...MOUSE????? :blink:

I can't find the US version of the advertisement, but I did find the UK and France editions... both which feature characters that are... you know, RECOGNISABLE.


Get happy...WITH CRACK!! ;) The French advert is easily the better one :)

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I love this. It's just so awful. And I love that at leas two people have taken the time to screen grab it for their avatars. Brilliant, I commend you both.

And i swear, Ol' Dirty Bastard has 'Ol' Dirty Bastard' on this I.D. - how...sad

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these are all hilarious XD i saw the sonic one a while ago and it STILL makes me crack up!

also the DR. Cortex is utterly hilarious, its a regular guy with a stretched out head O_O

thanks for the laugh guys XD

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