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VG Ground Rules (updated 19/12)

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Aight this will be a work in progress, seeing as we're still in a transfer period. I'll beam across whatever things we need to follow from the insides of my mind when I remember.

First up: No Friend Code/Gamertag/PSN ID topics. They never work. Ever. If you wish to share your online indentity with others place your relevant information in your sig, or share it via PM. I've find these kind of repositories just go unmaintained and unnoticed.

Rule #2: If you're making a dedicated game topic, put some effort into it. It would be really nice if you put some effort into your opening post, like say this example here relevant links, organized information, a banner, possibly screen shots or video, these things are glorious, and I'm sure more people will be interested in your game if you tell them a lot about it. :)

I love detailed OPs. They are glorious. update: in light of recent posting trends, it's OK to make seperate topic about news and the like pre release, but post release it's probably better for all related news and what not to go "into the thread" especially if the game's thread is still active.

Example: Say "Fighting Game C" is coming out in two months and they announce four new characters, it would fine for that to go in a new topic. However if the game is already out and they annouce new DLC characters, that go go in the already established Fighting Game C thread, as opposed to a new one.

Rule #3: the obligatory no fanboy/keep it civil. Seriously, they're just videogames dudes, stop being dicks about it. This has perhaps been loosely moderated. But heads up: if you are a serial ass you will get banned, so don't to it.

Update: 5/07/2010 Rule #4: Piracy chat

This has kind of been an unspoken rule around the boards, but I figured in light of a recent topic I'd best make it more clear: In depth piracy talk on SSMB is strictly disallowed.

No talking about flash carts, firmwares, USB loaders, current disk burning technique, modchips, the dangers of scurvy, cutlass shining or mad torrentz.

The thing here is that it's illegal, and we here neither condone it, or allow it. Only thing I might let slide is the Homebrew channel for Wii, and the similar implementations on PSP and the PS3, seeing as it has legitimate uses outside of piracy. otherwise, it's a no go. Sorry, ye scurvy dogs.



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