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Jason Griffith in a Condom Ad (live action role)


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Hey guys, this is probably super-mega-death old, but it's actually the first time I've seen it.

It's Jason G. in a condom ad.

Also, for the fun of it, here's a vid someone made that makes it look like it's Sonic saying all this.

Check this too

Nice to know J. Griff uses condoms. :P

(This topic's not to bring down the guy, I just wanted to bring the ad to people's attention.)

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Yeah, Griffith is an actor. He'll get hired for this and that- it's just that he's just associated with 4Kids or something. Chances are that he does plenty of other stuff that we don't notice. Like being a background character in your favourite soap and those sorts fo things. My sister acts and she's been in the background of Eastenders before, and one of her friends almost got the role of Harry Potter before the first movie.

Standard stuff.

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Aye aye. Ta. The just proves my point exactly then. This condom advert is nothing unusual, especially when you consider Dan Green's voicing in a hentai. The funny thing about that is that he uses the same voice he used for Mephiles.

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especially when you consider Dan Green's voicing in a hentai.

Where did you find that out?

Also for some reason I find this really hilarious simply because his natural voice actually sounds like Sonics. Its like Sonic Sez all over again

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The Beast Wars Megatron actor does the voice for the Enzyte commercials.


Man. What has happened to our childhood heroes?

ANYWAY. That is so fucking funny. I wanna see THAT in a youtube Poop.

Jason's Condom Commercial will soon be


Well, maybe not better than


O o


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All of this doesn't seem like a big deal to me. I heard about it long ago. Didn't surprise me, didn't make me laugh, nothing. 'Sides, I pretty much saw people were going to abuse the living &^$# out of the Sonic jokes (and old stupid jokes) and stuff. You gotta pretty much expect some actors to do something they wouldn't normally show others anyway.

But yeah, like Mahzes said, really old news. Sorry guys.

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