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Sonic's Control Mechanics Idea Thread

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I'd say that for flight, you jump then air-boost. SS then can fly, at the sacrifice of losing twice as many rings per second.

I don't think losing twice as many rings per second would be a good thing, as you would need even more rings just to maintain it and the enjoyment of flying would be too brief to enjoy.

Although the air-boost sounds like a good start to have him go from ground to air.

To make Super Sonic feel more powerful, all you need to do is have over-the-top animations. Like when you spindash/boost, the ground should get torn up a little. When you boost/spindash, you get this really exaggerated sense of speed where the edges of the screen start to blur and you get a sort of tunnel vision effect.

Well there's that, but I'm leaning towards adding more moves to his arsenal. If Super Sonic is going to cause some form of indirect damage like how you proposed, it would be better if we could have that damage any foes nearby him.

At the same time, I don't want to add too much more than he should have. Super Sonic should keep Sonic's regular moves while gaining newer moves, kinda similar to the Dark/Light Jak transformations in the Jak and Daxter Series.

Super Sonic may have been godlike, but he also had his drawbacks, like slipperier controls and such. Rather than going out of your way to worsen the control, just make everything harder to use.

I wasn't going for worsening the controls, I wanted to make them better so that performing additional moves through the form isn't like trying to navigate a jumbo jet.

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Personally I don't think sonic should be going at 300mph in game. The boost shouldn't exist either. It's just a way of getting threw enemies and getting thru rails with no challenge. Grinding needs to have balancing and realistic momentum like in SA2. Nowadays grinding only serves the purpose of making sonic look cool.

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I don't think flight, "super" flight especially, is going to work. Not unless the series switches to really open levels, and even then flight kind of runs counter to how Sonic games play. Tails can pull it off because it has clear limits; it's slow, leaves you vulnerable, and only lasts for a limited time. It's not always the best solution, even when the problem is "go up". But if you make Super Sonic fly effortlessly, what reason will the player have to bother with the ground? And without the ground, what's the point? Almost all of Sonic's mechanics are based on a ground-bound character; the ball physics, the ability to run on walls and ceilings, even jumping is usually for the sake of going from one piece of ground to another. Flight may make him more powerful, but it also eliminates most of the gameplay.

I think the Genesis games had a pretty good setup, actually. Invincibility, to tear through enemies and obstacles without hesitation. Super speed, to get where you're going faster and to launch yourself even higher off of angled ground. A higher jump, to make platforming sections easier. And in the other direction, a ring-drain to keep you moving and collecting more rings and touchy controls that forced you to be careful but gave you a sense of the power involved. Keep the infinite boost from Colors (if it has a boost), maybe steal Hyper Sonic's air dash if you need a bit more, and incorporate any game-specific gimmicks (Super Sonic sucked in Colors since he couldn't use wisps) and that should be all you need.

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Sorry to bump this thread, but I had a revelation.

I think they should keep the super-fast boost from Unleashed.......just have it as a powerup, a lovely combination of Invincibility and Speed Shoes.....

Once you get it, it doesn't start up immediately, so you can save it up as long as you don't activate another powerup (say a sheild for instance).

If you manage to hold on to it, you can use it wherever you think its best. Once you activate it however, you can't stop it until its used up.

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