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Sonic Game Gear for Nintendo 3DS


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Well, can't say they're taking advantage of customers or anything. They tell the game exactly as it is, if people wanna pay £4.50 for it, their loss.

It's just a shame we can't rate it without buying. P=

Best thing we can really do as Sonic fans is purchase Triple Trouble and not this. Show em we want more portable Sonic platformers on the VC.

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Tails' Adventure is the diamond in the rough. A Sonic game with Metroid mechanics (not exactly, but close)


I liked it from when I played it on the Gems Collection and it pulls off the Metroidvania mechanic much better on an 8-bit handheld then the ORIGINAL Metroid which made navigating so confusing,


Ristar, Panzer Dragoon Mini and Tempo Jr would be great to obtain right about now.

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Yes! Tails Adventure is pretty much the Sonic Metroidvania game that looks and plays better then the first Metroid!


Day one for sure!

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I'm definitely looking forward to the release of Sonic Chaos, it's my favorite 8-bit game for sure. Still it's great to see the 8-bit titles getting some love as these games are usually looked over... I already own Sonic 1, 2, and Chaos for my GG but I still might end up getting these titles on my 3DS once I have enough money. :P

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