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Back2Soul's awesome animations!

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Browsing YouTube today, I came across some very nice Flash animations by a fan called Back2S0ul. This one's my favorite. In fact, I think I shall make it my avatar.

The animation flows so smoothly, and there's so much detail (clouds, etc.). I feel that it really captures the spirit of Sonic.

Not too sure what this is... but it's cute! The end part would make a nice animated GIF, dont'cha think?

There's so many other videos this guy made, but I'm only allowed to embed two, so I guess you'll just have to stop by his YouTube channel and look around. For even more, visit his webpage here.

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Back2S0ul is a she, she has feminine hands:

And yes, her animations are awesome, check out "An Itch Sonic Can't Scratch"

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Omigosh. I love back2soul's animations, especially the NiGHTS ones, since you don't see too many of those around! They're always so clever and cute! My favorite Sonic one has to be Welcome to Angel Island. :lol:

Yay NiGHTS! :D

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