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Would you like Sega to bring back Silver?

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Like i said before, i don't care about all of "your" negative comments. If you hate Silver so much, by all means, start a topic about it. At least, there, you'll get as many responces from people as negative as you.

I am always positive when it comes to the things i love!

and i'm not going to stop now just cause some random negative person tells me to!

You mean SO POSITIVE that you get neg-repped on practically every post you make?

Hmm sure, whatever

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Ok then! Mods and Adm, do your thing!

FUCK ALL OF YA! you r so fucking retarded that you just can't see it when a person is trying to be fucking positive respectful about something! Your all are being fucking rude! You all wanna live under Sonic's DICK! Fine! At least i like a character that does more then just run, jump or imatate spiderman! That's almost as boring as the stupid retarded plumber who got trapped inside a shit-hole!

Really! SEGA has over 20 or more character from the Sonic franchise, and the only one being currently playable and getting all the attention is Sonic? That is just fucking STUPID! Forget all of ya! If this is the kind thing they're thinking in doing in future games, then i say FUCK THEM! I was looking foward for another Sonic game but not if this is what they have in mind! I hope this one and every other that comes out SUCKS as bad as the others! So here's to another couple of years of bad Sonic Games!


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