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Dragon's Dogma

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Capcom’s upcoming open-world game features an open-world, fantasy setting with action-packed, team-focused combat.

Dragon’s Dogma features a party of four characters as they band together to seek and destroy a mysterious dragon. Capcom says the actions of computer-controlled teammates are tailored to the style of the player, but points out that players can also issue commands.

Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Hideaki Itsuno are reported the brains behind the project — they were previously involved in Resident Evil 4 and the Devil May Cry series. “The whole point of Dragon’s Dogma is to create an action game that gives players a true sense of adventure,” explains producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi. “I think it’s the greatest action game we’ve ever made.”

I just saw this while I was looking up Asura's Wrath and was floored by the gameplay! It looks like Shadow of the Colossus meets Devil may Cry with multiplyer! Btw Day one buy...

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I like a lot of the ideas going into this game, it's definitely one to watch.

Why is it that random Japanese studios seem able to do European style high fantasy so much better than actual westerners?

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This game is absolutely awesome. Some of the best boss battles I've ever seen in an RPG. Running around is kind of a pain in the ass, but at higher levels that no longer becomes a problem, and at lower levels, running around is what's going to get you ambushed by big badass monsters that need killing.

It's a legit lord-o-the-rings style of game, where it's a group of four against the world. Every person in the party, including yourself, are equally capable, and must apply their skills in the right ways to come out on top. It brings a feeling of legitimate triumph once you've found the correct formulas, with mixing and matching party members to see what works being a joy in of itself.

The biggest problem with the whole thing... is that your party members never shut the fuck up. They will constantly say the same shit, at the same places, and at the same times without end, and with a game with as much roundabout travel it becomes a rather glaring issue.

I do highly recommend it though. It's a little bit of Fable, Skyrim, KOTOR and even Shadow of the Colossus all wrapped up into a juicy experience that can only be described as purely sexual. Go get it.

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Wow, surprised this wasn't bumped for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Whatevs.
Basically, there's a Switch version (based on Dark Arisen, so with the expansion included) coming on April 23rd.

Things to note is that the price is 30 bucks and the resolution for dock mode seems to be 1080 with 30 fps capped.
I wouldn't strictly recommend this unless you have only a Switch (plus an inadequate PC) and/or you desperately want to play this on the go, the other consoles and PC version run more smoothly.

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