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Sonic Charity "PROMOTION" in Hull

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In Hull, theres a giant shopping centre called St Stephens, I was there today doing... shopping... it's a shopping centre...

Well anyway, whilst walking around I spotted a posted on their information box/kiosk thing at the main entrance which had classic Sonic on it along with the following text.

"Meet Sonic! April 20th, 11am. Location: GAME"

So being the curious sort, I found the GAME store and sure enough, they had lots of posters on the doors saying the same thing. April 20th, 11AM, come and meet Sonic.

Before you all get excited, I'm not sure that this is a Generations thing, allow me to explain why.

Despite what you may think Hull actually does have a flagship videogame store, but it's not GAME, it's Gamestation. Our Gamestation is aparently one of their flagship/main stores, it typically gets selected for various limited promotions like the Donky Kong Country Returns Banana promotion they did last year, as well as a special 3DS launch event that happened and several other events that usually only happen at one or two stores around the country (outside of London at least).

Also... this GAME store, whilst the ST Stephens is the newest development and looks very nice. The GAME store itself is a very small store, there is a much larger one in a rival shopping centre about a 10 min walk away which would be a much better venue to do something like this, but... the area has a lot less shops and much more empty shops that have shut down. So whilst it's certainly possible for GAME to run a promotion like Gamestation, I don't think that they would pick the store that they have done, I think it would be in the larger one.

However, another reason why I don't think it's a Generations thing... what would be the bloody point? It's not like you can pre-order it yet, and I can't see them handing out toot (although thats the main reason I might go.)

But I'm going to go anyway just to see what Sonic is doing there...


theres another reason.

The last time 'Sonic' came to Hull (Gamestation)... it wasn't Sonic... it was a guy in the worst Sonic costume you have ever seen, it was hillarious, it was so bad that even the guy in the costume wasn't taking it seriously and actually asked me for the time as and he didn't even try to put on a voice, "I really need a cig mate." lol So I'm going just in case it's that one.

To give you an idea... this wasn't the costume, but it looked worse than this.


There is one small problem.

ST Stephens is very strict when it comes to photography inside the place, basically, if you're caught taking pictures, security will throw you out because... and I promise you I'm not making this up "You might be a terrorist." You... You don't believe me? lol read this...

So I will try to take some pictures/video if there is anything of interesting, but it won't be the best as I don't want to get thrown out as I like shopping there... as their Tescos have good offers on things... and I like the burger bar that they've got.

To show you that I'm not making this up... St Stephens have advertised this on their website... the advert is quite possibly the worst advert I've ever seen, but at least they didn't take Envy's artwork lol.


Edit: Whilst I want to go to this, and it won't be too much out of my way to go... the window of opportunity for me to go is quite limited, so if I can't go, you can blame it on someone else and not me.

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Haha, I remember the time when there was two guys in good Sonic and Mario costumes in Birmingham's largest Gamestation. Both guys even had to be assisted up the stairs because they obviously couldn't see what the heck they were doing or where they were going. That was back when B'hams largest Gamestation was actually good. It went to pot when they closed down the lower floor and massively reduced the section for the retro stuff and merchandise as a result.

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So I've been doing some looking... I don't think I should take any photos or video at this thing, even though I really really want to.

Reason being...

If I or anyone else takes a picture of Sonic, or take video of this event. They'll probably be arrested and go to jail for a thousand years.

Reason being, is that I've been doing some looking into if I can take photos at St Stephens and... well... have a look at this...

They forwarded the details of the leader of Hull City Council to the police after he took a picture near the shopping centre! Not inside it, but just near it!

So, if they accused the leader of Hull City Council of being a terrorist, I don't think a member of the public is going to be able to get away with taking a picture of Sonic do you?

Aparently it's not a one off, loads of people have been accused of being potential terrorist suspects for taking pictures in and around this building, does Sega know about this! lol. It's going to be great publicity for them isn't it "I wanted my picture taking with Sonic... Now I'm under arrest!"

Well anyway, I'll go, and if it's in Game I'll ask the staff if I can take a photo if theres anything of interest. But I don't have high hopes on this one.

Edit: I think I should point out for the sake of my own paranoia, this would apply to anyone who took a photo of Sonic at this place. Not just me!

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So I sent an email to the enquiories at St Stephens, and I got a reply!!!

Good news! I won't go to prison!

This was the reply.

Of course you can take photographs of Sonic!! For a small donation at least it is for charity.

Have fun.


Centre Receptionist and Administrator

Thank you Debbie!

I'm going to take a copy of the email with me just in case. Also, looks like it's a Charity event, that will be interesting.

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That's cool. Look forward to seeing pics if you manage to get any. Just got back from my local shopping centre and checked all around the centre and stores, including Gamestation, both GAME's and HMV, but no Sonic events. Hope you have fun and hope they raise lots of money for charity.

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Hull? Aw, they never run any cool Sonic events in Stoke, even if there's an unusually high amount of casual Sonic fans there. The only thing we have is Penkhull being one of three towns in all of Staffordshire to be throwing a Royal Wedding Street Party, so it'll literally be right outside my door.


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Can't wait to see what Sonic costume will be used.

Cheers bud.

Also I suspect Hull Daily Mail will turn up, so we'll probably see some 'professional' photos. But I'll try and get a picture.

However even if I go theres still a few things that may prevent me from taking a photo, first is the uptight security (even though I technically have permission, lol and will be taking copies of it with me), second thing is other people that want their picture taken.

But I'll try lol. Even if I just snap the photo then leg it for the door XD.

Mind you, I still don't really know what it's going to be about, the only thing I can think of is Play for Japan or Childs Play, since it's supposed to be in Game itself. They do have people collecting money around that area a lot, normally it's armed forces or some kind of childrens charity.

But like I said, Hull Daily Mail will probably turn up so even if I can't get any photos there might be some popping up in the next few days.

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Well I just got back from fun and games down at ST Stephens, or as I'll call it from now on, the Emerald Hull Zone.

The charity that was raising money was the Childrens Hospice charity which helps terminally and very sick children and their families here in the UK.

Sonic was indeed there, standing outside of game dancing around, he wasn't the best Sonic I've seen (in terms of poses) but he was doing quite a respectable job, waving to people and even standing in his many famous poses when excited children walked up.

The man from Childrens Hospice actually offered to take my picture for me so I could be in it, but I declined. Still it was very nice of him to ask.

I donated some money and took a few photos of Sonic before I decided to move on.


Now I know what we're all thinking....

But when you saw all the young kids there on their half term holidays, all getting very excited, it didn't matter. They were over the moon to see Sonic and to them he was their hero, it didn't matter if the costume wasn't the official one or the best one around, it was Sonic, in THEIR shopping centre on THEIR half term holiday. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!

So before we all go lolz at the costume, the children that saw it didn't care, it was the best thing ever, and the guy who was Sonic did his best and didn't do such a bad job in all honesty.

If you'd like to find out more about the Childrens Hospice charity, please have a read of their official website.

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