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Sonic Colors


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All this talk about Colors makes me really wish Sega would re-release it for the PS3, but that's not gonna happen.

My only other option would be to get another Wii, but that's not gonna happen either, thanks to money woes...

Well I wish Generations were on the Wii XD Sadly, each system needs its Sonic games, and Wii needs games like Colors anyway, so im glad they there keeping it on the system.

I don't hate Colors, its actually my 3rd fav game. Music was amazing, no cheap deaths like previous 3D Games, and got me into trusting SEGA again, yes Unleashed had awesome day time, but overall? It was a half assed game due to the werehog and odd storyline plot. Not bad, but just... "odd" Colors fixed most of the problems Unleashed had, besides being in HD which I don't care for XD

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I actually loved Sonic Colors! Everything about the game, the music, gameplay, graphics, and even the jokes combined to make it a game that I really love today. Yeah colors has its flaws. kinda like blocky levels instead of curved or the fact that anything after act 1 of each zone is just a bunch of extra missions. I also can't forget about the recycling of the boss fights in that game either.

When it comes to Unleashed though... I really didn't like it that much. I guess the fact is that I didn't much care for the constant emphasis on speed and not much platforming. The boost in Unleashed just felt like it had to be pressed at all times, and if you weren't pressing, you were doing something wrong. That, and the fact that the werehog become a very monotonous chore as the game progressed.

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Sonic Unleashed was a step forward in the series, but Colors pushed it even further.

The things that got me right away was that you started the game playing right away, instead of 10 minutes of cutscenes. The new voice actors were awesome, I personally like Rodger, and Mike Pollick keeps his role as Eggman, which is fantastic since he's the best Eggman.

The Wisps were a great addition. Not only did they enhance the already fun and refreshing platforming, but they had some cool effects. Hover's floating with the Lightspeed Dash, Spikes's climbing on walls, and Frenzy's rage are some examples. The platforming, again, was a nice change in pace, because it want back to 2D, the right way, unlike 4 Episode 1. The music... is just incredible. It might even be my favorite Sonic soundtrack. Asteroid Coaster, Planet Wisp, and Aquarium Park are some gems.

One problem does come into the form that is a very short game, and I can beat it less than a day. The Red Rings weren't that great of a collectible (weren't much better in Generations), the 3D sections were very flawed, and the Sonic Simulator, while having fun multiplayer, didn't really stand out. One thing is that you can become Super Sonic again! Yes, that's right! Super Sonic makes a return. After missing out on Adventure and 06 where we were supposed to play as him, it's nice to play as hi again. It would've been nice to have a Super Wisp power like, Super Laser, or Super Frenzy, which would've kicked major ass, but hey, who's complaining?

Overall, Sonic Colors is a great game. After Unleashed's refreshing change in the gameplay style, Colors took that, and made it better. This is the Sonic game for the Wii. It is simply a must buy. I never played the DS version, but I can say the Wii version is awesome.

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I love this game. I love the level tropes, I love the silly dialogue (mostly), I love the final boss, I love the level design, I love the wisps, I love the alternate paths, I love the soundtrack, I love the bizarre CD-esque feel to it, and I love the really laid back tone. Sure the bosses get repetitive, the gimmick acts are sometimes quite bad, has little in the way of decent 3D sections, and it plays too safe sometimes, but I still enjoy this game a lot. My favourite zones are Planet Wisp and Aquarium Park, I don't particularly care for Starlight Carnival though.

It's such a feel good game, and that's one of the reasons I'm so fond of it.

The DS version I actually played first, it was bittersweet to finally have a third Rush game, too bad it's trying to emulate the console version more than it needed to and was thus a decent but bland game as a result. And Asteroid Coaster in the DS version is horrible. But it's otherwise a not too shabby game. I would have rather had an actual follow up to Rush Adventure, with the whole plot and playing as Sonic and Blaze and stuff, to be honest.

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I actually prefer colors tbh. The addition of the wisps was great and a really fresh idea. Don't get me wrong, I liked Sonic Unleashed but only about 20% of it. (30% if you had the daytime dlc) Colors just had more going for it. I'd rather have a game I enjoy 100% than 20 to 30 percent

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I love Sonic Colors, it is one of my favorite Sonic games actually. Like all Sonic games, it has it good and not-so-good points.

I'll mention first what I didn't like about the game. As fun as it was, I really felt like I didn't get my money's worth due to Sonic Colors being so short. As beautiful as the graphics were all around, having 6 Acts per zone felt a bit much. Having more zones and less acts per zone (like 3) would of been ideal, I think. This would of worked too in Sonic Colors considering there were 3 different music tracks per zone. I think having all of these acts within the zones was an attempt to pad the game, but it failed miserably. As others have said before about Sonic Colors, the 3D aspect of the game was pretty much non-existant. I thought the boss fights were all wrong. They were too quick and easy to defeat and way too similar to one another.

Another thing that I didn't like was the "Sonic Simulator". In short, it seemed like some kind of bad joke, being very boring. I thought the idea of having multi-player in this game could been better utilized with Sonic's friends instead of robots in a simulator. Whereas the writers did somethings right, they got some things wrong too with some missed potentials to really amaze us with the story. Don't get me wrong, I really liked Sonic Colors, but in the end I was disappointed. Amid all of the repetition and gimmicks the game was over way too fast, leaving me wanting more. Wanting more of a story and more gameplay.

Now, as for what I did like about Sonic Colors: I tell you this game was an absolute beauty to look at with graphics and level design, all the more impressive considering it was made for the Wii. Everything, from Tropical Resort to Terminal Velocity (I'm still undecided on what was my favorite in the game) was a true delight to look at in my opinion. The soundtrack for the game was downright goregous. I think Planet Wisp Act 1 has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. My favorite part of the whole game was listening to the music while playing. Sonic Colors felt like a Saturday morning cartoon, and it was really enjoyable. Aside from the lack of explaination as to why Yacker disappeared I had no problem with the story really as I thought the writers did a pretty good job. All the jokes didn't bother me any; I didn't really find them bad nor excessive. I enjoyed the jokes actually. I found the story light yet enjoyable with good characterization of the all the characters to a degree, with the bromance between Sonic and Tails being portrayed excellently.

Speaking of characterization, I thought that Sonic Colors had the best characterization of Tails. He defintely showed himself as the "little brother" in the brotherly rapport that Sonic and Tails have. Sonic was always cracking jokes at Tails, and Tails made a point to "flip the script" by making fun back at Sonic (the dead robot cutscene comes to mind). When Dr. Eggman was about to fire his mind control ray at Sonic, Tails pushed him out of harm's way, and took the hit. Tails had no idea what the ray could do but without thinking about himself, he saved Sonic's life with the possibility of him dying if in fact that was the purpose of the ray. Tails immediately reacted being more concerned with Sonic's welfare than that of his own. That was both incredible and impressive showing me that Tails has a lot of heart and character. And of course Tails showed himself to be very smart by converting the Miles Electric into a translator and was able to tweak and adjust it to get down what Yakker was saying perfectly.

As regards to Sonic, he acts like a big brother towards Tails, being very protective of him. What comes immediately to my mind in Sonic Colors in the cutscene before the final boss where Sonic shoved Tails in the elevator to get him out of harm's way (yes, I know Tails was doubtful to whether they could defeat Eggman or not but that's besides the point). But right before that happened, Sonic held his arm in front of Tails when Eggman confronted them with the Egg Nega Wisp, so as to shield Tails.


Then at the end of the game with the infamous "brofist":


That made me so happy. It was great to see that bromance between Sonic and Tails in a game. Sonic Colors as a whole made me happy overall, as it was short, yet sweet. I just wish there was more of it to enjoy...

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First post in this thread in three years. But anyway, I recently played Colours and here are some of my thoughts. To be clear, I have only used GC-controller.

Story: Pretty basic Sonic vs. Eggman story but it works. Even if I myself appreciate little more seriousness more I enjoyed this plot. At least it made me smile many times, even if there were some things which I'm not a really big fan of.

Presentation: Music is awesome and I like that every single act in zones doesn't have same track. Voice acting in game is actually quite good and especially Tails new voice actor in this game is easy the best one of any Tails voices. Sonic's case it's fine but not probably my favourite.

Graphics. I don't have much experience of Wii games but I know that comparing this to games like Generations would be totally unfair. It's looks ok and for Wii standards it's  good.

Gameplay: This game is very fun to play but I can't help but notice some very glaring issues. I list those

  1. Structure: I like how you can select zones in which order you want but I think that 6-7 acts is too much. I would rather have 2-4 acts and more zones because while zones look nice their acts can sometimes look very similar. There is also another problem with levels
  2. Levels: Overall level desing is good but there are two things that really bother me. 1. Lack of 3D. I thought that this was suppose to be 3D Sonic but I think that over two thirds of the game is in 2D. I have no problems with 2D gameplay but I just prefer 3D. There are even some levels which are only 2D. Also 3D sections are quite shallow. Most of the time they are either going on straight line, quickstepping or drifting. I mean, Generations for excample had great 3D and it had much more of it. 2. Structures of some levels. Many of levels are really short and any of the levels didn't get even 5 minute long. I know that Sonic levels are not suppose to be marathons but I think that under 5 minutes for the longest levels is probably a bit too short. Some levels didn't even take a minute to beat. And some of them feel more like challenges from Generations than actual levels. And every levels which has that moving trampoline (or which it's called) can just go fuck itself. Overall my ideal desing would have included removing all only-2D levels, more 3D-platforming and having 3-4 normal lenght levels. One thing I really like that there is quite much of platforming, which is most of the time very fun.
  3. Controlling Sonic: It's good most of the time but Sonics jump is more stiff than in previous games, luckily the double jump helps with this. This game just makes me miss spin dash so much because of the different method of getting boost makes doing it much rarer. There were a lot of time where I would used spin dash. Also why sidestepping and drifting are limited to certain parts? I think they would be useful in natural moveset. I especially don't like how drift is the B-button but it's probably a necessary sacrifice because of the basic controller and maybe I just so gotten use to Generations controls. In the terms of Wisps, most of the time they are fun to use with two exceptions:  frenzy in 3D and laser. Frenzy because of control is just bad because it always moves forward. And laser because of I have always miserable time to use it, when I go to place where I should use it I activate it, aim it and nothing happens, even if I try to push every button on the controller. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Bosses and endgame: this game has 3 bosses and final boss. I think there is no excuse to to recycle bosses in game this short, especially because all of them, including the final boss, are so easy. And Terminal velocity is not what I would call a good final level. To me, final level should be the most difficult one which test everything you have learned. In Colours there is sidestepping and jumping, which is minor problem only because there are no checkpoints and I don't see the point in act 2. Many of the normal levels were harder than Terminal velocity.
  5. Lenght: Game didn't even took 4 hours to beat. Yes, levels have much replayability but I think that about 3h and 40min is just  too short. Also it is just me or is S-ranking the levels harder in this game than in some other 3D-games.
  6. 100 rings doesn't give you an extra life. This seems like a minor complain but it really bothers me.


In the end I have to clarify one thing: even if I focused mostly on negative things, I still really enjoyed my time with this game and will play it more. It's good Sonic game but not one of my biggest favourites. It is also happy to see that many of my issues were fixed in Generations.

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I love this game!! I did a review for it a looooong time ago and still have the same opinions 

Sonic Colors


Gameplay: The gameplay is amazing. Sonic has a new move the double jump which is very useful for getting up to the platforms. He can also boost, homing attack, quick step and stomp as well like he did in Sonic Unleashed. Sonic can also wall jump and do tricks. Sonic is really fast and hes amazing. There is something else that adds on top of Sonics amazing:



The cute little aliens. They add so much to Sonics amazing gameplay. For example:


White - this wisps lets you boost. I use to not like that I need them to boost. But I dont mind it because Sonic is already fast and the wisps are in alot of places. I like this alot.


Orange - this wisps lets you rocket and get to those high places and sometimes break boxes. This one is fun especially in planet wisps because there is alot to explore and it allow me to do that.


Yellow - this wisps let you drill. I love this one because i get to explore under the ground and sand and i can pick up rings and items. And its fast and fun.


Green - this wisps let you hover. its like the light speed dash but with a wisps. i think it is very intresting because going through the rings is awesome and it allows to explore.


Cyan - this wisps let you be a lazer. I love this one because you bounce all around the stage and you can take out a line of ememy robots. it allows o exlore if you use it right with the floating dimonds.


Blue - this wisps let you cube. Its intresting because you can make a path to explore or go somewhere or you can take the blocks out of you way and turn them into rings.


Pink - this wisps is a spike ball. I love this one because not only to you spindash but you can stick to the walls and its a life saver for me and those bottom less pitts. it also allows for exploring.


Purple - the frenzy wisps! its intresting and fun! Sonic is a giant frenzy wisps and he chomps on everything to get through. also allow to explore if you use right.


I love these wisps because they allow Sonic to expend his moves. He can drill, hover, spike and alot more. It offers me to explore with Sonic places I want to go. they along with Sonic make me want to explore the levels and play the game alot more. All and all, Sonic is amazing on his own and his wisps powers make exploring fun. 10/10


Story: Sonic and Tails go to Eggmans Amusement park to see if hes doing anythng evil. Sonic knows he is so he breaks in. they find that they are kidnapping wisps aliens. they meet a wisps call Yakcer and they help him with the help of a broken translater to save his friends and his planet.


I love the story. First it a light hearted cheery story thats simple. Sonic is saving cute aliens from Baldy McNoserhair. Speaking of McNosehair the jokes in this story were funny. My favorites were the copy right laws, thinking that Yacker was called Soccer*/Talks alot, Yacker say Eggman look like the hige tamago/Baldy McNoserhair*, Sonic talking to the dead robots, Cubots ninja and sumo wresler voices and more. It make me laugh. When I am sad I play Sonic Colors and watch Sonic, Tails and Eggman in action. Eggmans jokes are also funny and Tails is useful. He builds the translater and he save Sonic once 10/10


Music: The music is awesome. My favorites on Terminal Velocity all acts, Sweet Mountain all acts, Starlight Carnival act 1 and more! 10/10
Visuals: The visuals are amazing. They are clear and the level designs are awesome. Sweet Mountain and Starlight Carnival are my favorites. 10/10


all and all, its a wonderful game. as for the stars I put. I needed to switch the voices a couple of times because i had trouble read the subtitles. In the native versions, Tails translater say Soccer. Yacker say about Eggman looking like this hige tamago:




yeah it make sense. And Sonic want to make sure the machine was broken haha. So yes amazing game and it makes me happy when Im sad.


Game: 10/10

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4 hours ago, Miles Storzillo said:

Overabundance of 2D, awful bosses, atrocious script, the list goes on.

Why did you bump this thread from 5 years ago when we already have a bumped thread for Colors right now? I don't mean to be rude as sometimes it can bring new discussion, but this isn't a good way to do so.

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Ah, to look back at a more innocent time when the franchise wasn't tainted by the stink of Sonic Forces. I wonder if people's minds on Colours really have changed and they aren't just being drowned out by the louder voices, especially as the games have only gotten more underwhelming since.

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On 4/19/2020 at 9:03 AM, DryLagoon said:

Why did you bump this thread from 5 years ago when we already have a bumped thread for Colors right now? I don't mean to be rude as sometimes it can bring new discussion, but this isn't a good way to do so.

I didn't know about it.  Can you send a link?  I tried looking for it after reading this, but had no luck.

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