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ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

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Okay, let's start a topic ^^

Here are some sketches I did in a new sketchbook. I plan to fill it with Sonic sketches, so it's the "Sketchnik" xD









Super Silver and Venice, one of Silver's prototype design:



Charmy and a random design of a new Metal Sonic:




Also, I have a webcomic in french (not about Sonic) called "Lammy" It's about Lammy, a squirrel girl, who is a super hero, controlling fire. It's mostly humorous and a little bit parodic.

Here are a few sketches. Mostly her, I was searching for a new haircut last december (the older one was boring to draw) and I came with this on:


A poster. I forgot to say that I draw the comic but my friend Fast Ash is the colorist. The size of this poster is A3. We made some prints of it.


That's all for today...and that's a lot I think ;)

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I love your character sketches! They're very expressive and some of them are quite cute too (Ray for example). ^^ And, your own fancharacter designs are really cool!

I think my favourite of those drawings would have to be the one where Sonic bumps his head against the floating platform after jumping on a spring. Shame that never happens in the games, it would be hilarious. XD

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Wow, Adamis, just... wow.

You have the Sonic style nailed down perfectly! I adore the somewhat-Western-esque facial expressions you put on the characters - they work very well and really highlight both the emotion of the character and the general atmosphere of the piece. Backgrounds are amazing, characters drawn from well-modelled and appropriate angles, highly expressive... I can find no fault with your work!

A lot of feeling comes from your art, whether Tails' worn-out-but-relieved-after-hard-day's-work-of-tinkering expression, complete with dirt, Ray's adorable examination of the webbed wings under his arms, Amy angrily shouting up, Metal Sonic's awesome design, or Knuckles' calm stoicness - the viewer can read a lot into what is happening to and around the character simply by looking at the art - it's amazing!

Lammy is a beautiful character, looks to be full of charm and life - the moustached crocodile too! Also, make sure to let Fast Ash know that he is amazing at colouring! That poster is mesmerising... I think it'd be great for advertising Lammy comics, personally. I'd love to read them someday, if I ever learn to read that much French.

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Kitty Girl: Thanks a lot :)

JezMM: Thanks. Well, I grew up reading a lot of western-styled comics (mostly french and belgian). I read a lot of mangas too, but I'm not that good drawing manga xD (well, I think)

Summer: Thanks a lot :) You're not the first perso who told me that. I think that's because I easily imagine how the character should look like and what he feels for each situation.

Thanks too for your comment about Lammy. It's a project I'm very proud of. We're at page 80 right now and we have tons of ideas ;) One day we'll translate the comic, promise.

Well, I'll post a few other pictures then.

A colourfull echidna I quickly drew


Collab with a friend. I did the sketch.


Bridge zone


Panel battle in Palmtree Panic zone


This one was printed on the back of the SatAM dvd boxset


And this one is in the fanart gallery in Black Knight (watercolors + pencils and a bit of markers)


Little X-mas card I sent to Sonic Stadium. I used watercolors.


Chaotix watercolors.


And "Sad Sunset", done with markers only.


I have a DA account too: http://adamis.deviantart.com/

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Adamis your work is so good it brings tears to my eyes and requires me to always bring a change of underwear when Robotnik is involved.

Always a pleasure Adamis, keep 'em coming.

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Thanks a lot for your comments :)

Here's a new serie of sketches from my "sketchnik" sketchbook.







The next serie will be a little bit different.

Also, here are two recent pages from Lammy. I know the text is in french, but I wanted to show the backgrounds, I'm proud of them. That hotel in the first panel took me longer than usual.



And here are the two pages we released this week.


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OMGOSH This is some of the greatest artwork I have ever seen. Top 3 favs:

- Tails wiping off sweat with 1 hand & holding a wrench in the other. You don't see too many of these and it being made by an artist such as yours its great.

- Bridge & PalmTree Panic zones. Giving props to both you and the color-er. It's very colorful & enlighting.

- The all-markers 1. You didn't say if this 1 was also sketched with markers but it's truly a marvel.

- Okay 4... :) SatAM. No wonder it's on the back of SatAM boxset. It's perfect.

Try to get yourselves as much money out of your artwork as you can. This is S work (Unleashed reference).

Edited by prince10bee

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Omg Hey~ XD Love your work Adamis~ I donno if you notice me~ lol but I lurk your DA, you've commented on me a few times too.

Anywho! Just wanted to say I'm sorry for lurking so much and not giving you much feedback, but I really adore your art. Its so full of life. I'm envious of your water color skills, and I really love your marker work too!

Keep up the great work.

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