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ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

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Wow. Nice work.


Particularly like how badass Rotor looks there, with his arms folded and cocked eyebrow. He knows he's the shit, yo! biggrin.png


Also, is Big twiddling his fingers over Rotor's head there?! :P hahah!

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Oh, that poor hedgehog. Blessed with super speed, then tasked to land on tiny objects instead of fiery pits of death... his reaction suits the uncertainty of being able to stay on it that I'm sure any real person would have if on a block that tiny!

shit, I love absolutely anything adamis does.

So much this!

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"My games" will be a series of pictures of games that had an impact on myself, my gaming experience and/or my art.

The first one is of course the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series, which opened a whole, surreal world to me, full of magic, full of fantastic characters and full of charm. And I'm not even talking about the fantastic comics (both STC and STH) and cartoons. SONIC had (and still has) a huge influence on my art and I've met a lot of fantastic people thanks to this.


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