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General Nintendo sales/business discussion topic (previously: The Wii U Thread)


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Gabz Girl

I am so glad there aren't any major JRPGs around to steal Xenoblade X's thunder *coughFFXVcough*

I mean the sales aren't mind blowing or anything but they're pretty good for a franchise that has only had one game previously released on the Wii! Now I just wish we could get a release date for the rest of the world..

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Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

This just in; Bowser's coming to work at Nintendo as their new Vice president of sales.



Nintendo / 20 May 2015
Bowser Is Nintendo's New Vice President of Sales
No, the other Bowser.

By Wesley CopelandNintendo of America has appointed Doug Bowser as the new Vice President of U.S. sales (sorry if we got your hopes up).

Bowser joins Nintendo after having previously worked for EA as Vice President of Global Business Planning. Nintendo notes that Bowser brings "decades of experience" to the company, "not fire breath."

“Effective today, Doug Bowser (no relation to the King Koopa and Mario’s longtime nemesis) will oversee a variety of sales-related functions, including Sales, In-store Merchandising, Retail Strategy and Retail Marketing," reads the Nintendo press release.

At EA, Bowser was responsible for console, PC, and mobile games forecasting.

For more on the world of Nintendo, you can read our Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Edition review, which we found to be "the shining star alongside the less successful Z." globhead_dpad_red.png




Hmmm, President Koopa, why does that remind me of...original.jpg?w=600&h

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I can't help but wonder if Doug's last name was a reason he got picked over the other candidates. :lol:

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Ok, so I got some news for our UKers




26 May, 2015 by rawmeatcowboy |  Comments: 0
UK retailer Asda is going to move away from selling Wii U, 3DS, Wii and DS games in roughly 8 weeks' time. The retailer supposedly stopped selling Wii U games back in 2013, but the new initiative makes it clear that Nintendo games from current/last gen platforms will no longer be available to purchase. No official reason for the decision was given.
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Since it's interesting to evaluate right now, Splatoon currently has a Comgnet pre-order ranking of 139 pts in Japan, two days before launch. For reference, Pikmin 3 on launch day had 72 pts and launched with 92,270 units sold it's first week. 3D World had 66 pts on launch day and sold 99,588 units it's first week. Xenoblade X had 69 on launch and sold 85,856 units in it's first week. As of the moment the only three Wii U games that have had a higher Comgnet ranking than Splatoon is NSMBU (which is something it might reasonably beat), Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8. Keep in mind that there's a lot of leeway with Comgnet rankings and are only really a vague barometer for sales interest, that said the online rankings on Amazon and such seems to tell that the Japanese people are very much going to buy the game. Currently the first week shipment is pegged at around 200k units and it looks like Splatoon is going to be around the upper limit of the shipping amount, so it's bound to beat that number by it's second week in Japan.

Nintendo's aggressive marketing campaign is paying off quite well so far so it begs the question what the western perception will be where there's also a lot of advertisement. It seems that a new major IP is something people have been wanting for a while from Nintendo. That said considering the positive word of mouth it's fair to say it will most likely pass half a million sales worldwide within the first two weeks. It's legs might just take it to a million LTD when the fall season hits.

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Credit to Shadzter posting it in the statuses. Shigeru Miyamoto is no longer in charge of hardware development.



Shigeru Miyamoto is a Nintendo legend, responsible for the creation of popular franchises like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and more. In recent generations, he's also taken up quite an active role in the development of Nintendo's hardware, calling the shots on the design for 3DS and Wii U. However, this is a role that he won't be continuing in the future. Speaking with Fortune, Miyamoto discussed the underwhelming sales of Wii U and revealed that he is no longer in charge of Nintendo's hardware decisions.


Miyamoto first echoed previous sentiments that  tablets hurt Wii U sales and that customers don't understand Wii U, then opened up about a shift in his role at Nintendo.


"I’ve pulled myself back out of some of the hardware section and I’m really focused on some of the software that I’m involved in—for example, the new Starfox game. Of course I am observing and looking at the hardware, but I am not actively participating and making decisions. — Shigeru Miyamoto"


Our knowledge of Nintendo's next video game platform, NX, is limited right now (Nintendo just keeps using the phrase "brand new concept" to describe it), but we know that Miyamoto is not the creative force behind it. Instead, Miyamoto is shifting his focus back to making games. Are you happy with this decision?

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On one hand, I want Nintendo to move on to x86 or even x64, but that would depend on how expensive it'd make the console if they added BC. The Wii U, to my knowledge, is actually cheap to develop but with the Gamepad, it's price goes up. If they do add BC at the same time, they'd have to go the Kinect/PS Camera route where you can buy a Gamepad seperately to use BC.

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On one hand, I want Nintendo to move on to x86 or even x64, but that would depend on how expensive it'd make the console if they added BC. The Wii U, to my knowledge, is actually cheap to develop but with the Gamepad, it's price goes up. If they do add BC at the same time, they'd have to go the Kinect/PS Camera route where you can buy a Gamepad seperately to use BC.

Nah, I think they'll make it work so that you can get a separate handheld console that will work as a GamePad as well. Maybe they'll also allow you to buy extra GamePad's, but that will all depend. I'm also sure it will still have the Wii's motion control capabilities, even if they don't use it extensively (which they probably won't).




Report: Nintendo Discussed NX With Third-Party Partners at E3, Got a Positive Reception


Well, there was a statement that a third-party said they're next game will be on PS4, Xbone, PC, and a soon-to-be-announced console. If the NX is planning to launch within the next couple years, they need third-parties to start developing for it now. Even 2016 is too early, though; if they only showed it off to third-parties now I definitely don't see it coming until 2017.

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Miyamoto being less involved practically means nothing, to be frank. He was apparently not as involved with the Wii U's development, and the Wii U's various aspects were decided by other people on the hardware team.

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