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Sonic, Chaos Control, and Nature


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Chaos Control has the potential to seriously screw up the games. Take Sonic 06 where they realise they can use Chaos Control to physiclaly move through time. The could so easily be epxloited by any character for any reason turnign the stories into piles of "Oh well, it didn't work... CHAOS CONTROL!!!!". I mean seriously, is that needed?

Sonic uses Chaos Control in games where the plot is of the darker sort- SA2 and 06. And he does it because he has to. Shadow uses it because it's his signature ability, much like Knuckles' is to punch things and Blaze's is to burn things.

On the other side to that I think it's become quite a thing for Shadow just to have the ability to teleport whether or not it is actually Chaos Control. Chronicles (in all it's liberties) gave him the ability of it along with Shade who has an explained reaosn for it. Black Knight saw him using Chaos Punishment which seemed to function in the exact same way as Chaos Control and he would teleport, stop time and accelerate at will. In Sonic 06, the more reliable game, I'm fairly sure he teleports right at the beginning prior to collecting anything. (It's been a long while though so I may be confuzzled)

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While there's no doubt that Sonic doesn't use chaos control anywhere near as often as he could... it would be interesting to know whether he's actively shunning it (choosing not to use it) or just doesn't think about using it most of the time until faced with something that his normal abilities can't conquer. He certainly plans ahead to use chaos power when he know he'll need all the power he can get... but the rest of the time? It would be an interesting insight.

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I'd personally like to see Sonic using his speed-based wind manipulation abilities more often than seeing him use more Chaos Powers.^_^

Though...I really would like to be able to play as Super Sonic outside of the last boss fight again.

I'm sure a lot of people do, Sammy. I'm sure a lot of people do. -_-

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I just want to see Hyper Sonic make a return.

I sometimes call him Seizure Sonic, due to all those colors. :lol:

The daytime stages in Unleashed were essentially playing as Super Sonic.

How so? Sure they were fast, but not that fast, I believe. If Super Sonic were in there, they'd be impossibly fast. And, I imagine, impossible to control.

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How so? Sure they were fast, but not that fast, I believe. If Super Sonic were in there, they'd be impossibly fast. And, I imagine, impossible to control.

The daytime stages felt a lot faster than any Super Sonic stage I've ever played. I know Super Sonic is obviously faster, but the way his stages are set up make it seem slower because of the huge distances he must travel.

If only there was a way to put SS in the daytime stages; it'd be fun crashing through buildings while trying (and failing) to steer him properly.

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My argument for him using it far less often than Shadow is that it probably takes more out of him and is more uncomfortable for him than it is for Shadow. Shadow was specifically engineered to be the 'ultimate lifeform', and it makes sense that he's able to enrich his own powers easily via chaos to live up to that title. As far as we know, Sonic on the other hand is simply a gifted but entirely natural hedgehog who is able to do some amazing things, but possibly not without a toll. He's aware that the ability is there, and that he can use it, but he chooses not to because he is content with what he can do without having to go that far.

If it looks like I'm attributing a weakness to him then good, 'cause I am. I don't want him to be perfect, or able to master every technique to its full potential. Then again, it can also be one of his greatest strengths - knowing how much is enough, and using his mastery of speed and his quick wits alone in most circumstances.

Maybe that would explain why Sonic was so exhausted at the scene before final rush in SA2, He's probably not used to the side effect of the demanding amount of energy used for chaos control.

Your post makes a lot of sense to me by the way :)

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