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The Asylum Movie Studios

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So when looking for the release dates for Battle: Los Angeles a link came up for a movie called 'Battle of Los Angeles.'

Curiously I clicked it. It was not the movie I was looking for. It was a movie made by a company called theasylum and it's plot is basically Independence Day over LA.

Who would like to see the trailer?

The quality speaks for itself... Otherwise... Theres... a few things to note, this company has also made a War of the Worlds 2 movie. (yes a sequel to war of the worlds, no not the good one, their own rubbish version). That trailer actually includes sequences and clips from War of the Worlds 2 as well as several other movies that this studio has made.

It's also obvious that this movie was made to be released in the same time frame as Battle: LA in order to pick up on that movies hype.

Now maybe that was a one off? Well... lets look at their other masterpieces.

2012: Ice Age.

This is not a spoof movie, it's their attempt at an end of the world action movie. It's about a new ice age which is going to destroy mankind. What happens is that a huge ice berg breaks away from the artic circles and is headding for new york city... how this will destroy all mankind is anyones guess. But anyway...

As the ice berg gets closer, it begins to rain down giant fragments of ice on new york destroying the city and killing millions... yes... the iceberg which is traveling on the land is making it rain ice bergs the size of cars.

Someone suggest that America has to... and I'm not making this up "To declare war on the glacier."

As the glacier gets closer people begin to freeze to death instantly... yes like the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow.' But this is being caused by a glacier... you know... those things that are not at absolute zero temperature?

Anyway who would like to see the trailer?

This studio has also made several other movies which are clear attempts to rip-off/steal other bigger films thunder/hype.

However, they also have a fine selection of original action movies... such as

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