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Sonic 20th Anniversary iPhone App Coming This Week

Muscle Man

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Sega's 20th anniversary festivities for Sonic the Hedgehog continued over the weekend at a big "Birthday Party" event at the Joyopolis amusement facility in Odaiba. Sonic VIPs like Yuji Naka, Naoto Oshima, Jun Senoue, and Yuji Uekawa joined fans on Saturday (6/18) to share their thoughts as the Sonic franchise reached the special milestone.

Sega also took the opportunity to promote some of its upcoming Sonic anniversary games. Attendees were treated to Sonic Generations demonstrations on both the 3DS and PS3 versions of the game. For the 3DS version, Sega showed off Green Hill Zone in Classic and Modern style play options. For the PS3 version, Sega showed off City Escape, which originates from Sonic Adventure 2.

Attendees at the event were able to sample Sonic Generations in advance for themselves. The general public will get an early sampler too, as Sega announced that a Sonic Generations demo is set for release at some point. It did not give a specific time frame, unfortunately.

Before Sonic Generations sees release, Sonic's anniversary festivities will shift to iPhone for an app called Sonic 20th Anniversary. This will be available starting June 23 as a free download from the App Store.

Impress Watch grabbed an image of the app from the anniversary event:


The left screen is titled "Sonic the Sketch Hog." Impress says that by playing the Sonic 20th Anniversary app, you'll be able to obtain the latest info on Sonic, and bonus goodies like wallpapers.

So guys, thoughts?

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Sooo... is this our big surprise Sonic Channel keeps mentioning? *keeps fingers crossed for noez*

Kinda eh, IMO. Although the app is cool because of Sketch Sonic's presence. :D

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I <3 the fact that this is coming to iPhone, however I really hope this wasn't the great announcement that was coming. I really hope said announcement was a demo to Generations or something.

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The image you posted Hogfather isn't working for me either.

Anyway, is this the big, earth shattering announcement? I think Black Spy posted something in the status updates last night about an "earth shattering announcement" that was going to be announced today. I hope not, because I was hoping for a Generations demo. (Or, at least, I THINK it was supposed to be today. I used Google Translate to translate the tweet from Japanese to English, and that's about as good as Miles' Translator was at the beginning of Colors <_<)

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English Sonic 20th Anniversary iOS App Now Available On The App Store

Some of you may remember an iOS app made especially for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary that was released in Japan back in June. Well, we’ve got word that SEGA quietly released it on the iOS App Store in English speaking countries last Wednesday. For those not in the know, the app features a Sonic the Sketchog game, Sonic 20th Anniversary news updates, iPod Touch/iPhone wallpapers and a Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 trial. Best part is, the app is free of charge.

We have the full details and screenshots available below.






Source: AppShopper.com


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