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Badnik Mechanic

Retail stores giving out free stuff Today (Thursday 23rd)

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Thought I would put this up for everybody to see in full.

Some retailers have announced that they plan on giving away free stuff today for Sonic's 20th birthday (and as a side effect probably so you will buy something XD).



According to the official Sonic facebook page. The London Oxford Street store is throwing a party with Sega from Thursday through until Saturday.

Celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary from 3pm Thurs 23rd June at GAME, 100 Oxford Street, London. Meet Sonic with free limited giveaways! Dress up as Sonic, plus enter our competitions to win great prizes! Or join us on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th 12 – 7pm for more fun!

Competitions eh? Limited prizes? How much do you wanna bet one of those is... the statue that must not be named?


According to GAMES facebook page a large selection of their other stores will be giving away free Sonic Generations posters.

You can read the full list in the spoiler tags.

Check out our list of participating stores for your chance to snag a Sonic The Hedgehog poster! First come, first served - while stocks last. Limited supply so get in early!

■West Belfast


■Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird


■Leicester The Shires

■Manchester Arndale


■Manchester Denton

■Plymouth (Drake Circus)

■Sheffield (Meadowhall Centre)


■Nottingham (Listergate)




■Hamleys (Dundrum)

■Hamleys (Glasgow)

■Manchester (Arndale Centre)




■Sheffield (Meadowhall Centre)



■Tallaght (Dublin)


■Patrick Street (Cork)


















■Milton Keynes










■St Albans










■Bury St Edmunds




















■Manchester The Fort


■Preston Deepdale

■Bishops Stortford

■Swansea The Pod





■West Thurrock




■Edinburgh (Cameron)


■Barrow in Furness






■Dudley (Merry Hill)




■Dundrum (Dublin)

■Crystal Peaks Sheffield















■Cheshire Oaks

■Great Yarmouth


■Wood Green



■Glasgow (St Enoch)

■Leeds (Albion Street)



■Liverpool One

■Monks Cross







■London (Oxford Street)






■Nottingham (Victoria)


* This is a rumour.

A friend of mine sent me a very ammusing photo of herself with a rather nice Sonic hat on. When I asked her about it she said that her Gamestation had a delivery of them.

She didn't say if it was for a give-away or some kind of new merch that would be on sale, but it would be an idea to check out a local gamestation if it's not out of the way.


Free Sonic Generations demo.

(If you don't have Xbox gold you have to wait until next week. Go on... Cry).

No idea for any other regions or if anywhere else is doing anything. But keep your eyes open.

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Would've been nice if Worcester was on the list! I took a chance anyway & went in & asked, but the manager looked at me like I was a mental patient on a day out! Never mind, I'm sure these will turn up on ebay (though getting one for free would've been sweeter!) :(

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