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Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing iOS


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Seems to be up on US itunes, cant check on UK store due to importing my music onto PC at the mo. But it's on sale for the next 2 days as a "thank you" to the fans (normally $4.99/£2.99 otherwise)

Doesnt look like a port of the DS version but more of a graphically downgraded version of the console game I think?

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Looks like a graphically UPgraded DS version. It has that Samba Di Amigo town stage that only the DS version has. Or at least I think that one is DS only... Actually no it isn't. I dunno.

Chuih is alone in his vehicle in a video I found, and no announcer, but it DOES have mp3 music.

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Just playing it now. It plays like a graphically upgraded DS version- you can still change direction whilst drifting, etc etc.


Oddly the Chao cup seems to place Seaside Hill last and the JSR track first. D:

Also, I can't see Alex Kidd anywhere to unlock. Not sure if or to what extent this version is cut down.

Motion controls actually work better than the touch controls, although that makes sense for a racing game on a touchscreen device without any physical buttons, I guess.

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I own the game for the 360 & PS3, but would like it on a handheld.

Which version is better, the DS version (played on a 3DS, though)?, or the iOS version? Seems like the DS version has better controls, but the iOS version has better graphics. Are there any other differences between the two?

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I really like it, plays and looks MUCH better than the DS version, particularly with the iPhone 4's HD retina display (960x640 resolution). I think it controls much better than the DS version personally, but then I like tilt controls in racers, always have, ever since the Wii. The disadvantage though is that characters and courses are missing. There's no Knuckles and no Casino Park courses, which are some of my favourites on the PS3 version. It does appear to be ported up from the DS version because it is also missing some of the visual treats from levels, for example the dragon is missing from the House of the Dead sewer course, and the water is replaced by a basic trench. I'd certainly say it looks and plays better than the DS version though, just has less content, but at that price I can't complain! Great job, SEGA, now looking forward to Sonic 4 Ep 2 with retina display :D

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While everybody's waiting for Sonic Dash to arrive on Android, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing was released on the Google Play Store absolutely unnoticed.




And now it's on the TSS front page for all to see ;)


Thanks for the heads up, LukA8!

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Downloaded it as well. The game is alright, if not a bit unpolished. I couldn't really get used to the tilting controls, which I guess are partly responsible for the mixed reviews. However, there is another control scheme available where you can steer left or right via a single button, which, in my opinion, is much easier to master. I still am terrible in this game's version, though, because everytime I get in first place a handful of blue shells rockets come to my doom.


However, what really bugs me is that everytime I try to log into Google+ to use the games' online features, an error message appears talking about the application being configured incorrectly. Some reviews on Google Play also complain about this. Anyone else here with a similar problem?

Edit: Scratch that. It's working now.

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