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Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread

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I just need Classic Seaside Hill, and I'll be content for 2 weeks.

Well, maybe a Boost version of For True Story too if it's there, implausible as it may be.

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What is Results B a remix of? I can tell what the rest are, but not Results B...

Results A is a loose remix of It Doesn't Matter.

Precious Time a remix of the time running out Special Stage theme from Knuckles Chaotix

Time Break is a remix of Cyber Track from Sonic Advance 3

Network Mode is a remix of the title screen theme from Sonic Mega Collection.

And of course, the Options Menu is a remix of the Sonic Heroes main menu music.

But what is Results B? XD;

Heard from a Youtube video it was supposedly a remix of a song from Sonic R. Dunno which song it would be though considering that I have memorized those songs like the back of my hand.

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You don't have to wait for Sonic's alternate launguages. If you go into your console settings and change the launguage, the demo will adjust to the change. I switched my system over to Japanese and it worked.

Just in case people missed this....

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This was rippedby Hincy of Sonic Retro. What he posted. SPOILERS.

<Hinchy> okay doing it now :P

there are time trials that have powerups that give you more time (think Mario Galaxy 2, probably)

the doppleganger race is not against the other era version, it's essentially a ghost race

complete with translucency

in the race with Knuckles he will burrow underground to cheat I mean use his unique abilities to take shortcuts

in the challenges with the giant enemies you just knock them over instead of killing them, but then they can be used as platforms

the official name for the speed shoes is Power Sneakers!

Omochao calls them Power Sneakers

in levels with tails, you press the Y button to call him to you, similar to how the elemental shields were shown with Y in that one screenshot. likely all those little powerup icons we saw are things you can use with Y

that icon with the motobug and the ring is for Ring Time, which changes all enemies into rings (presumably for just a few seconds)

"Collect 10 Chao and reach the goal before Cream!" (...explains itself.)

Rouge tries to stop you with bombs in her race

there are apparently challenge missions with multiple animal capsules

and you have to release all of them

all of this is coming from Omochao's voice bank

I'm listening to his terrible voice so you don't have to

you can call Espio in a fashion similar to Tails.

he has a grappling hook.


apparently there's a mission where you have to carry the sign post to the end

and knock it around

presumably like the end of Sonic 3 act 1s where you could juggle it

you have to knock it to the end of the level without it falling into pits

there's also Vector calling. He throws you

there are single-ring challenge missions

the Tails race is with Tails in a plane

jump panels are in at least one challenge act

presumably as in sonic adventure

there's a time trial in which your boost meter is 3 times the size of normal but it doesn't replenish

Hinchy: That explains "300% Boost"

there's a team-up mission with Amy, she gives you the hammer jump

there's a treasure hunt for buried metals. you call knuckles who digs into the the ground for you

there's an espio fight, in which you have to shine a spotlight to find him while he's invisible

there's a team-up mission with Cream, in a level with no rings and the only way to get rings is to call on Cream to throw you some

Rouge team-up: heavily armored robots block you, call on rouge to take them out

Blaze team-up: level has walls of flame, she can extinguish them

Charmy team-up: ...he can make a vortex at your feet. What?

and that's it for the challenge hints.

there are endless boost missions but you die when taking any damage, rings or not.


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Ok this clip can cummarize most of the Italian lines (sorry for the bad quality but it's the best I could find:

I don't think Mario's getting a run for his money here because this guy puts little effort into voicing Sonic, but he does have a seizure like Spanish Sonic.

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