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Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread

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Someone should find a way to hack this game's "View distance", really why developers dropped this option??

its important whenever someone ports it into PC , hell even rockstar's awful GA IV pc port had view distance settings and minecraft also

FAKE EDIT: i wish if companies create some soft of auto-resizer for any game that doesn't run well on older or mobile/handhelds because i think it may solve that problem also

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You know, you used Super Sonic boosting nearly the entire time, yet that level is STILL faster with regular Modern Sonic.

But that's fine-- I don't need to break all the levels to enjoy Super Sonic, I just need to, you know, be Super Sonic. And sucking down 18 rings a second doesn't let me do that, so I'm always glad to see a mod/fix like that.

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Well ,i'm sorry if i didn't knew about that information but still now that i Do know, as goku said.

retro is down.. so yeah .

Also the quantity of time i end up for ripping 2 models, i guess it would be faster if anyone shared them.

But still thanks for the hints.

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