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Frank Sinatra

Peter Falk (Columbo) has died

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I hate that a guy from Jackass is getting more attention than one of the greatest actors of the mid-20th century. =/

This man deserves better. Those of you who've never seen an episode of Columbo are depriving yourselves of one of the most entertaining and compelling character performances ever put to celluloid. His acting alone could draw in audiences and keep them hooked to their television sets, I swear. He was a very talented performer, and he is already missed dearly.

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Oh, sorry to bump this topic. I know you're all very busy people. I'll get out of your hair in a moment. It's just...this one thing that's been bugging me. You know, tying up loose ends. I'm compulsive, my wife says so all the time. Oh! Hey, is that a new couch? That is nice. Real leather? What? Oh, it was nothing. I'll let you get back to your work. Have a good night sir.


Oh, and just one more thing...

I love Columbo. Rest in Peace, Peter Falk. A great actor, and a great human being.

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