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New Mario and Sonic Screens


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God, I hope these screenshots are specially taken and we won't have such ugly views of how 2D the crowd is in the actual game. O_o

That looks like a results screen, so we'll probably see something exactly like that screenshot in the final. I do agree though- they look horrid!

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Kind of amusing to see Porker Lewis in the stands.

Amy's new outfit is pretty awesome, I'll agree. Can't wait to see a clearer pic of Blaze.

Porker Lewis? Surely you're mistaken. He's a charater from a comic series. Who you're looking at is Picky, one of "Sonic's woodland friends" from the early days, much like Flicky.

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Oh, well, I meant Porker Lewis in the sense that "Porker Lewis" was used as the Western name for the Picky game sprite back when the 16-bit Sonic games were being localized.

I only recently found this out, though, so I apologize if I sound condescending.^_^;;

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I have a strong feeling that this will better than the first game. The events look a lot more harder and I wonder if there will be a real Wi-Fi this time and not just rankings, becasue I was really looking forward to racing my friends online and then I find out it has online rankings. Very unhappy.

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