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Sonic CD cutscenes on DVD


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“Enter Sonic CD DVD. The Sonic Mega Collection videos have been ripped from the Gamecube disc and have had their visual encoding artifacts extensively cleaned up. The seven different versions of Sonic Boom Opening Theme, Sonic Boom Ending Theme, Sonic You Can Do Anything, and Cosmic Eternity are all presented here as pristine, 1536kbps 48KHz LPCM WAVs (and as 44.1KHz Redbook rips in the z_extras folder off the root of the DVD directory!) and are selectable for each video. None of that 192kbps AC3 baloney.”


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I've been torrenting this for the past few days. The trouble is that I don't have a dual-layered DVD-R to burn this on (and they're expensive as fuck). I'm hoping that I could at least remove the extras folder from the ISO and burn that onto a data DVD-R, without screwing up anything on the actual DVD image. If not, then I could just divide it into two parts and burn them onto data DVDs until the day comes when I can actually burn it the way it should.

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Alright, I just got through with watching most of what this DVD has to offer. Since I don't have any dual-layered DVD-Rs at my disposal, I just mounted the DVD image onto DAEMON Tools Lite and worked from there.

This is the definitive release of the animation sequences. The guy wasn't kidding when he said these are the best; the videos on this DVD beat the living shit out of those found in Sonic Mega Collection. The artifacts that plagued the past encodings are totally gone, and virtually every single audio track is available for these sequences - not to mention the title menu comes in two flavors, US and JP/EU, which is sure to please both the American and Japanese music fags.

The real kicker? The music is actually in sync with the videos this time, unlike what happened with Sonic Mega Collection's terrible processing, in which the music started about a second before the video and was lazily inserted with no real concern of syncing it up with the beats. Not so in this DVD; everything complements each other to a T.

As an added bonus, every single version of the opening/ending sequences are available in the DVD's extras directory, including the original Sega CD video captures, the PC versions, the Sonic Jam versions, etc. It's great not only for comparison, but as the most complete archive of everything that has to do with these videos.

There are still some flaws to be found, but it's hard to fault the DVD creator for it, since they would be virtually impossible to remove from the original sources (i.e. the after-images found in the ending sequence...). Sonic CD has always been my number one favorite Sonic animation of all time, and it's about time that it is given the high-quality treatment it has always deserved. Anybody who calls themselves a fan of Sonic animation is obligated to check this shit out. It's a wonderfully constructed DVD.

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inb4 Sonic OVA

No, I agree. The OVA was done by a different animation team and was remarkably lower quality compared to Sonic CD's fluidity (what the hell is up with Sonic's spin animation?). And I would have wanted it to be totally silent, as well.

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