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Speed Runs

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I got 1:55.90 so far. Not had a brilliant run yet though.


Best time I know of right now is 1:47.01, but they ain't at tississ (though that didn't stop him reaming me for not reporting here on something else he did ¬_¬).

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You guys are not going to believe this. Someone got 1:43.92! It turns out drift snaking is usable but it requires you to use it differently.


HOW THE FUCK?! So Snaking works when you come to turns, not straight aways. Okay.

Glad I'm not doing GHZ in the tournament.

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from firstkirbyever (he's ustreamer-997025):

11:49 ustreamer-997025: HA!

11:49 ustreamer-997025: 1:43:52

11:49 ustreamer-997025: Now only if I was recording.

11:49 ustreamer-997025: D:

11:49 gogobmn: that is a tale of sadness

11:49 ustreamer-997025: Anyway

11:50 ustreamer-997025: I'm happy

11:50 ustreamer-997025: I have the WR again.

11:50 ustreamer-997025: <3

11:50 gogobmn: pics or gtfo

11:50 ustreamer-997025: fu

11:51 ustreamer-997025: I'll probably try recording a run later.

11:51 ustreamer-997025: For now?

11:51 ustreamer-997025: FOOD

Edit: Parax has 1:43.72 1:43.34 confirmed.

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Fuck! you guys are gonna make regret picking Green Hill, I'm only at 1:52:72 1:51:28

By the way, I'm not competing for it but what do guys have for classic green hill? I've got 0:53:58 0:48:85. Well that greased lighning achievement is as good as mine.

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