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Jay (Eggemann)

Sonic Show: #73 RED HEDGEHOG: Summer Of Sonic 2011 Special

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Facing Metal Sonic on that classic level is going to be some ride. Plus the sweet boss theme remix playing the background. =D

Curious though how he might take his revenge on Modern.

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I've actually played Dimensions its good for speed and feeling that sense of going faster then anything around which is great. But I'm not all for that, but he did a good job implementing some neat lighting effects. Which is quite nice to see something different. And nice that he added spindash but not the way I would like it to be used in a zooming in shot.

But I give him props for bringing out something nice to the community. He did a great job and I hope he continues.

Of course Sonic GDK is better since it runs on something much more beautiful then pitiful blitz3d. tongue.png But thats to be expected anyways. Unless Blitz3d stops running on Directx7 tech.

But again, both went two separate routes, one went on speed while the other is more focused on platforming. Yet they are good engines both of them. Not to sound biased.

I'm still working on the engine since one of my team members left. But I see that people are persnickety on having to use the mouse for the camera control. I can change that in the future release. I still have plenty more to add, and more ideas to try out. I'm glad people like it though.

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