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How fast does sonic need to run in-game?

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Fast enough to feel fast

What "feels fast" is a bit more complicated an issue than it first appears, I think. Unleashed is, obviously, objectively, very fast. But after getting over the initial "wow" factor, it usually doesn't feel all that fast. It's too flat an experience; you ride at boosting speed for so long that it feels like you aren't even moving. And because you go so fast the game needs to play a larger role in shuffling you forward, reducing how much of the game you're actually responsible for. On the other hand you have a game like Rayman Origins, which is much, much slower than Unleashed, but a good speed-focused run is going to be quick and fluid. And I think in some ways the pacing and fluidity of a game like that feels faster than a game just giving you raw speed.

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Top speed the console can handle.



But in all seriousness, I think the boost should be a power up, sort of like what the speed shoes did. Regularly, he should go about the speed of the Modern/Boost games (while not boosting).

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