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Nigel Dobbyn talks about his work on STC

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Nigel Dobbyn turns to Nigel Kitching at the SOS comic desk and says...

Nigel Dobbyn: He's my number one customer, he's barking mad.

Nigel Dobbyn has called me his number one customer and barking mad on every occasion that we're met, it's probably because I really like his work and usually end up buying a small fortune of prints from him in the process... and usually they include the unpopular characters.

Well anyway, I usually check his DA page every now and again for updates because... well... I really like his work.

Anyway, around two weeks ago I noticed that he'd uploaded a bunch of pages from the Knuckles strip "The Homecoming" (for those who don't recall, Dr Zachary's first appearence.)

With each update he's posted a small bit of background information to the page, like inspirations for the work and the techniques he used to paint the page with, the initial descriptions are a bit brief, (literally just a line in some cases) but in the comments he answers a number of questions about the work which when read in full build up a picture of his intentions and what he was trying to get through to the reader.



Description: The city was inspired by Aztec architecture.

Then further down is a follow up remark.

Comment: Cheers Lynne. Not seen Sonic Adventure. The ruins point up Knuckles' isolation quite nicely I think.

The issue in question came out LONG before SA did, but from those two bits of information you can see why he decided to put Knuckles in that setting as apposed to say a jungle or some kind of ruined contemporary city scene. Don't forget, up until this point in time, all they had to go on was Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles,

Theres 15 pages up at the moment, and from the looks of things it's to be an issue per week/two weeks (kinda like when the real comic was out eh?)

But it's just a really cool insight into what an artist goes through/thinks about when creating a world for these characters.

Nigel Dobbyns DA Gallery

P.S. Nigel Dobbyn also more or less confirms his attendance to SOS 2012 (see the pol on his DA page).

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