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Theories of Sonic


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That metal Sonic theory is honestly something that I made (the kid's in love with it). I made a Youtube video and he's sharing it around.


Yeah, I've even acknowledged how roboticization doesn't exist within the game continuity -- aside one or two semi-similar aspects throughout the series.


It's more of a "this sounds a lot more interesting" to me than a "let's explain this" aspect. More about making people go, "Huh. That'd be cool" than "OMG ITS REAL."

Nice, I didn't know you came up with the theory yourself :) I assumed that it was an already existing theory

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Let's try this again since the site crash erased my former post from existance:


What were Sonic and Shadow talking about when they said "I'll collect the rings." in the battle against FINAL HAZARD? Were there just random rings or ring boxes floating around....? Did they fly around lining up rings and then getting back in the nick of time to switch out? If that's the case, then why do they have so few when they return given how fast they're capable of traveling?

  • Rings are made out of "life energy" which is present in the atomsphere. There may be other manifestations of rings that serve a different purpose, but the ones that we're discussing are purely life energy in a naturally cumulated hard-form. While in this form, they are absorbable to "Mobians" (for the sake of specification) or specifically engineered entities for an instant increase in physical well-being.
  • Prior to the natural phenomenon that causes them to accumulate and manifest into what we call "rings", they aren't physically tangible or available for anyone's real use. It's vaugley similar to the difference between solid ice and steam.
  • With enough concentration, Super-Powered beings are able to harness and absorb this energy straight from the atmosphere. That said, this isn't easily achieved whilst in the middle of a battle which is why Sonic and Shadow had to take turns doing so to maintain their own transformations.

Why is it that Sonic occasionally uses his super form indefinitley or without a ring countdown?

  • It's the difference between absorbing the chaos emeralds (thus storing the very source of the transformation on board) and using the power to super charge and then flying off.
  • On the other hand, this is only feasible if the chaos emeralds are absorbed in and of themselves. If the chaos emeralds are absorbed between two or more users, the link won't be perfect. The same goes for when the powers and effects of the emeralds are in use by anybody or anything else, friend or foe. While the transformation will still be initiated in full force, the ring countdown will still be effective.

Why is it that we didn't see an appearance from Super Knuckles and Tails in Sonic Heroes, but instead got golden float spheres. While we're at it, why did it take them so long to get there?

  • Super Transformations are hard to transfer between "Mobians"/characters of different species as the manifestation and mechanics behind each of them are so different. Hedgehogs turn a shade of gold and their eyes turn red, foxes (or kitsunes B) ) turn a bright/pale yellow and gain an army of super-destructo birds, and echdinas simply pulse a pink/purple hue.
  • Due to this, Team Sonic had trouble sharing the power of the chaos emeralds to complete their individual tranformations. To compensate, Sonic transformed and gave Knuckles and Tails what he could. "Super Spheres".
  • This whole issue is a contrast to SA2B and 06 where the transformations were intiated seamlessly.

Why didn't Sonic save Shadow after they stopped the colony?

  • Prof. Gerald had a one time fail-safe mechanism setup so that should Shadow ever remove his inhibitor rings and fully exhaust his power and energy, a back-up chaos control would kick in and transport him to the nearest safe place which in that case happened to be Earth given the recent sitaution with the ARK. That was the cause of the purple lights you see as Shadow suddenly dissapears. Shadow's inhibitor rings, having been removed, were the only things left in space. Sonic at least took those and gave them to Rouge, who probably still has them to this very day.

Why doesn't Sonic fly in the battle against Perfect Chaos? Sure he might techincally not have needed to fly as he needed to zoom up Chaos to do the key damage (at least as far as the game mechanics) are concerned.

  • Contrary to the ususal Super Sonic case, Sonic only had a portion of the chaos emeralds' real power to work with; the positive energy. Even wit that thought he transformtion was only possible with the presence of the others at the scene. He was essentially powered by the spirit of his friends magnified through the positive traits of the emeralds which were shadows of themselves anyways seeing as they were virtually drained them of what they were, basically leaving jewels. :blink:
  • All this to say that in order to preserve the transformation given what he was left to work with, he didn't fly.


Dang I just barely stiched this back together. What a shadow of my former work. :blush:  I know I forgot some points too...dangit.




How did Knuckles punch the Emeralds out of Sonic?

  • He's the guardian of the Master Emerald and comes from a culture centered around and very intune with "the Chaos". I'm sure he's got some sort of something up his sleeve lol.

The chaos control seen in action stages of Shadow the Hedgehog and the chaos control travel seen in the intro of Shadow's story in 06 are the same thing. The difference is the perception or point of view.

  • While in 06 we only see the immediate effect of the action, SHtH gives us a view of what it looks like from Shadow's perspective whilst performing the move.
  • When we see Shadow disappear in a flash of light blue and for a split-second in 06, that light is is not only in the perfect shape of his body, but is more engulfing him more than simply becoming a a silhouette. shadow-shadow-the-hedgehog-5834130-320-2
  • The transition point between these two perspectives occurs from the time that Shadow activates the technique. At that point, he is imbued with a light blue energy as seen above and he vanishes from the naked eye as the chaos control begins to take effect (as seen below), from which point forward everything must be viewed as seen in SHtH or "from Shadow's perspective":1425579541-hero-shadow.jpg
  • The following vision-blurring speed dive that takes a good ten seconds or so for us is the teleportation mechanism from the user's perspective.
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