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The SSMB Banner Thread

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Are we allowed to use pre-existing artwork that we've done? I think it'd be fun to use the tap dancing Sonics in my signature for this. If not, then thats fine too.

I'd prefer it if the art was made specifically for this forum XP.

Creepy Sonic is creepy.


If an original background is needed, I can easily change it, as well as anything else. :P

Yush, please make your own background matey, because a screenshot isn't your work, hee XP.

PUMPED :D Definitely gonna be submitting something for this, I'd better start brainstorming! Is there a high-res version of the original TSS logo that we can get to use or can we/should we make our own variations? Can we not use ANY sort of official work, even logos? For example the 20th Anniversary logo could be a nice touch in a corner, would that be allowed?

It would be better to just make things yourself, the idea is to show stuff you have made not to use things others have done XP.

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  • Banners must be based on Sonic, naturally XP. Other Sonic characters are welcome too, but no fancharacters.

Aww, what a shame. I would've been so tempted to have DreadKnux character up there. ;)

Is it okay to collab with others?

Since some members don't draw fan art, I was thinking if they wanted to share there ideas with me and I would draw it for them.

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Make sure that all artwork is your own stuff. The whole point is to have your artwork on the site, so altered official images and art used without permission are not acceptable.

Welp, there go any chances for me submitting a banner. Shame, too, I wanted to try my hand at an Oil n' Rum banner. (Or maybe a pixel art one featuring the fanchars of some of the members).

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It's a shame that all art has to be personally drawn from scratch for this, as it does exclude those of us who have good graphics skills but can't draw for toffee... I would be all over this with a hopefully creative collage-type banner myself, otherwise. Never mind, eh? Perhaps later down the line some of us will be invited to add banners made with existing official art to the rotation. In the meanwhile, maybe I can convince my arty fiancée to make one... ♥

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