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DOUJINSHI: Clamp in Wonderland Summer 1994

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So I was looking up an article about my favorite manga-ka group, CLAMP, and to my surprise, they did some Sonic-themed doujinshi! Even then, it was 1994, and Sonic, on the front cover has brown eyes. This also features parodies of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and Giant Robo, for those curious, but since this is a Sonic forum... here it is! VEEERY safe for work. Hey, at least it ain't their typical everyone is bi fare!

Cover page:


Page 1 - Intro:


Page 2 - Sonic and Tails (Me and My Big Brother) AWWWDAWWW:


Page 3 - Sonic's Greatest Rival Appears!:


And there you have it!

You see, the Special Stages were soooo hard that even future professional manga-ka complain about Tails taking your rings.

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Love the gijinka desings of Sonic, Tails and Amy. Metal looks awesome and Eggman for some reason I find scary (maybe it's the eyes which give him an eerie look)

On a side note, I love how they draw Cutie Honey (reminds me a lot of Hikaru Shidou)

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CLAMP is amazing, I love their manga. But I didn't know Sonic was in one.

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