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Badnik Mechanic

Russian Sonic site party's hard.

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I just got made aware of this, not sure if anyone here is from Russia or if anyone knows anything about it. But there was a rather odd post made over at Retro recently.

So I was talking with a friend of mine on Skype today while I was waking up somewhere around the afternoon, and she mentions that there is a Russian Sonic Convention that starts tomorrow on the 23rd. This convention runs for about a week surprisingly, and it sounds more to me like a great big get-together/slumber party the more I hear about it. What they do is have a picnic with some quest games in the mix of things, renting a huge room for people to come and bring their consoles and games in for a couple of days. This event takes place in Moscow, and while I'm probably the last person to be talking about this, I thought the idea was pretty great really. Best to spread the word about it really to anyone here who knows more information about it and might even attend.

Has anyone heard of this? Or is anyone here from Russia and actually going to it?

Never heard of this myself but it would be interesting to find any photos/video of it if it's an annual thing.


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oh hell, someone get me a plane ticket to Moscow NOW!

No, someone get WOUN here to explain whatever the hell this is, and to have him use his magic to document the con.

Then you get your plane ticket.

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I found it.

It's called "Predglobalka" (Don't ask I don't know what it means).

From the sounds of it, it's a lot less official than SOS and Sonic Boom was, but it sounds like a blast and we should probably take a leaf out of it's book. Basically, they've rented a house/some kind of large space, they intend to decorate it out with Sonic related stuff, activities will involve Swimming, sunbathing, doing barbecues, dancing and even arrange a few console tournaments.

There will be booze!

It takes place over a few days too and you are asked to pay if you want to come.

It just sounds like a Sonic themed party/sleep-over. Not exactly Sonic Boom or Summer of Sonic in terms of how official it is or in terms of scale, it's just literally an epic site meet-up... .. ..

Why are we not doing these more often?

Source (Thats a translated link, so I hope it'll work for you.)

Edit: Looks like the event ended yesterday. But from the looks of the photos they had a lot of fun, and yes it was literally just a site meetup.

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