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  • ChuChu Rocket! Puzzle (Sonic Cafe)

     Created: by Dreadknux
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    DoCoMo i-mode: 504, 503


    Sonic Team


    SEGA (Sonic Cafe)



    Release Dates:

    2001 [JP]

    Remember this? ^^ Anyone with a Dreamcast (if you don't, please enter the door on the right... yes, the one that says "Execution Squa-" I mean... "Happy Place") will recognise this as a cut down version of the Puzzle Mode in ChuChu Rocket!

    For those not in the know, you must guide mice to their space rockets, whilst avoiding the Space Cats (KapuKapu) out the eat their guts with a side of salad (stick with me here...). Using arrows to guide them, you can get the mice safely to the rockets without them ending up in some feline's gob on the way there, or falling into a pit.

    In puzzle mode, as you'd expect however, there are few arrows to place on the board, and thus few ways of completing the level, making you think very much indeed. More stages can be downloaded too, if you ever want to rack your brain on a stage Sonic Team or someone else has cooked up.

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    • ChuChu Rocket! Puzzle (Sonic Cafe)

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