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  • Fantasy Zone (Sonic Cafe)

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    DoCoMo i-mode: 504, 503


    Sonic Team


    SEGA (Sonic Cafe)



    Release Dates:

    2001 [JP]

    My word, who remembers this title eh? ^__^ A truly fantastic game, famously caught a following just from its background music (BGM) alone, Fantasy Zone has been cut down for the i-mode, and you can play this assortment of Boss Stages once downloaded. Your trusty Opa-Opa is on the left, the boss is on the right.

    You can move about and shoot. There'll be a different weak spot on each boss stage, meaning you gotta survive a while while you're figuring it out - most of the early stages are pretty easy obviously, but they get harder. In a basic sense, just blast a cap in the bosses fat gobs until they combust pleasingly.

    A gauge will display the health of both combatants in the dogfight, and if you lose your life, it's game over. Again, the national rankings thing, and blah blah blah. ^^

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