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  • Sonic Fishing (Sonic Cafe)

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    DoCoMo i-mode: 504, 503


    Sonic Team


    SEGA (Sonic Cafe)



    Release Dates:

    2001 [JP]

    A nice peaceful game, apparently. A sport in which you won't need to get your wellies on for, as you can download it right from Sonic Cafe! The way it plays is in a time attack style - there are three settings to choose from, and then you choose a lure to pick.

    Depending on which lure you choose, certain fish are easier or harder to catch. You then search for a reputable fish to grab with yo' badass gear, by using the left and right keys. The fishes will be indicated by shadows on the water surface. The timer counts down as you are doing this, so be sharp about choosing where to cast.

    Once cast, you bring the lure towards the fish shadow (if you keep the cast flowing in a fixed and smooth rhythm, your chances of getting the fish to bite is easier), and then reel the bugger in once it's got a taste. If you reel the blighter in safely (too much, and your rod breaks [ow], too little and the fish buggers off), your fish's stats will be recorded.

    You keep going until the time ends, in which time you should have racked up loadsa points. :)

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