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  • Sonic Golf (Sonic Cafe)

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    DoCoMo i-mode: 504, 503


    Sonic Team


    SEGA (Sonic Cafe)



    Release Dates:

    2001 [JP]

    Hey, fancy a game of golf? Tough crap, you'll have to sit indoors on your mobile phone like a hermit and play for national championship, like Sonic Team wants you to do. And what Yuji Nakasays, goes, remember? 😜

    Funnily enough, development was fast but no compromise was spared on ease of use. You play a rally of 9 holes and, as the standard rules of golf goes, try to get as little points as possible. Simply select your club type, your range/distance thingy-ma-jooba, and use the power meter that goes up and down like a mad racoon to smack that ball into them thar hills (although it's preferable to get it towards tham thar hole first ;D).

    You can put spin on the ball too by selecting where you hit it. After nine holes, your score is slapped on the leaderboard, and the champion gets significant prizes from Naka-san's lovely loins. You can also download new courses, should you get bored. 

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