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  • Sonic R

     Created: by Dreadknux
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    • SEGA Saturn
    • PC


    Traveller's Tales





    Release Dates:

    • 18 Nov 1997 [US]
    • 21 Nov 1997 [EU]
    • 04 Dec 1997 [JP]


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    Sonic R is exactly what it says on the tin - a racing game. Only... the 'Racing' is abbreviated with an 'R' and it's not in a tin. It sees you take a whole cast of Sonic Team characters out on a racing revolution! A competition is being held on Sonic's home grounds, and the blue blur just can't help but notice it. Sonic can't turn something like this down. Tails joins him in signing up for the competition, however it they soon find out that it was all just a ploy set out by Dr Robotnik to trap the blue hedgehog. The swine.

    The point of fatso doing this is to take over the world, as per usual. But as well as Sonic and Tails joining the race, Knuckles and Amy rose also have plans for pole position. AND with Eggman hoping to lead the race as well as the world, this contest could get ugly.


    There are 10 characters to choose from, only 4 of them are available at first:

    Sonic the Hedgehog


    Sonic is the fastest of them all.


    Jumping: Press A, C, or Y to jump. In mid-air, press again for a double jump.
    Sonic Spin: Press B while running for a Spin Dash Roll, then hold up to continue rolling.
    Spin Dash: Press the D-Pad down while standing still to crouch, then press the B-button.

    Miles "Tails" Prower


    Tails has an advantage as he can fly.


    Flying: Jump in the air by pressing A, C, or Y then again to fly for a short distance.
    Spin: Press B while running for a Spin Dash Roll, then hold up to continue rolling.
    Spin Dash: Press the D-Pad down while standing still to crouch, then press the B-button.

    Knuckles the Echidna


    Gliding helps Knuckles, he is also second to speed of Sonic.


    Gliding: Press A, C, or Y and then again to glide.
    Spin: Press B while running for a Spin Dash Roll, then hold up to continue rolling.
    Spin Dash: Press the D-Pad down while standing still to crouch, then press the B-button.

    Amy Rose


    Amy is very... very slow. She can also hover over water.


    Turbo Boost: Press A, C, or Y when a tyre appears at the top of the screen. A boost usually costs 10 rings.

    Dr. Robotnik


    He has great cornering and can hover over water, but he's very slow.


    Homing Missile: Press A, C, or Y when a green target appears on the screen. A Missile costs 10 rings.

    Items & Gimmicks

    • Rings: Collect enough to open Gateways or speed off on Accelerators.
    • Item Panel: Item Panel's are where you find items like Fleet Feet, rings, and Lightning Shields, find a red, yellow, or blue version.
    • Fleet Feet: Get extra speed for a short time.
    • Lightning Shield: A yellow Sphere appears around you, it brings rings toward you.
    • Water Shield: A Blue Sphere that makes you walk on water once.
    • Sonic Tokens: Collect all of them to play one on one with a secret character to access them.
    • Chaos Emeralds: Collect them all to access Super Sonic, when you get all of them press up or down when choosing Sonic.
    • Loops: Pass through the arrows to try and collect rings up and around.
    • Accelerators: Get enough rings and run on these to blast off for a fast short distance.
    • Springs: Bounce your way up at high places.

    Game Modes

    Grand Prix mode is the main game, the goal is to place 1st, second, or third. 1st will unlock a few things. There's a main path to each track and secret shortcuts. Items and other things to find in the tracks are rings, Accelerators, shields, Sonic Tokens, Gateways, and Chaos Emeralds.

    Time Attack mode is where you have 4 different ways to play. Normal is where you must beat the clock and finish 3 laps. Reverse is backwards and to beat the clock in 3 laps. Balloon is where you must find 5 scattered balloons as fast as you can, and Tag Battle where you try and tag 4 opponents who try their best to get away.

    1P VS 2P is where you play a friend in a split screen race to get balloons, race against him/her, or a reverse race. On the PC version you can play against up to 4 people online!


    Resort Island

    It's a wonderful day for a race in this tropical island paradise. A nice blue sky, lots of greenery, a pretty waterfall... It's all here. Get too enchanted though, and you might slip into the water or bump into a coconut tree. Take the time to hop around the smaller islands. Going for a little rock climbing is well worth the effort.

    Radical City

    This course is plenty wide. Gaps in the railings aren't just accidental breaks! Waterways look like slow going at first, but they can save you some time if you know what turns to take. And speaking of turns, there are a couple of tight ones to add to your fun. Ever wonder what it is like to be a pinball?

    Regal Ruin

    These ancient Egyptian remains are an archaeologist's dream. The main path is pretty easy to follow, but there are many little roads and nooks which could be hiding treasure, so search well! Springs might help you out of tight spots in this course.

    Reactive Factory

    Here you are transported into the future! Enter the factory of tomorrow, a completely automated wonder. There is lots of room to run, but there are also many hidden surprises and traps. What appears to be a simple course is really the hardest of the four. Well, kind of.

    Radiant Emerald

    Detail coming soon.

    Prototype Information


    You'll notice Resort Island at Sunset. Maybe, like in the PC version, the Sega Saturn version of Sonic R was to have alternating weather and time conditions to affect gameplay. In the first screenshot, notice that the Character Icons on the left hand side of the screen are very different to those in the Final Version.


    Above is another screenshot of the same Resort Island Sunset variant.


    A GamePro Magazine Article for a preview of Sonic R on Sega Saturn. Check it out - GamePro slapped an Enemy Zero screenshot in there by mistake! The preview says that there were only three levels... seeings as it was a preview, that's understandable. But, doesn't Eggman look a tad too big in the 2-Player screenshots within the article?


    Check out this magazine advertisement for Sonic R, in the same GamePro magazine. This also has the beta screens (such as the weird character icons etc). The screens look a tad weird to be honest... and there's note of a Tag Team and Relay modes - obviously additions that never made it to the Final Cut. A shame really, because Sonic R could have been that much more fun otherwise.


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