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  • Sonic X: Aqua Planet

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    • Author: Charlotte Fullerton
    • Date of Publish: 2006
    • Origin: United States
    • Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap (Penguin Books), New York
    • ISBN: 0-448-44254-X

    Book Information

    A continuation of the Sonic X storyline, where the blue blur hops around different planets to stop the threat of the Metarex. With Chris Thorndyke in tow, unfortunately. Apparently he’s all grown up now in space, but sometimes fluctuates between 18 years old and his teenage self. A bit freaky that. This age-transformation occurs every five minutes throughout the book, which adds another level of stress for Sonic that’s not really needed.

    In Aqua Planet, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles (plus Chris) anticipate a vacation of sorts, but our hedgehog hero is shocked to find that the world is covered in water! Unexpected! Not like the name of the planet would give things away, but apparently something is amiss. Aqua Planet is uncharacteristically flooded, and it’s up to Sonic to overcome his fear of H20 to tackle the Dark Oak invasion that soon takes place!

    The Metarex ‘land’ (to a degree) on Aqua Planet to retrieve the Planet Egg, a source of great energy for the world and something that the heroes aren’t just going to let the baddies have. Twists and turns include Chris and his emo-meddling, Tails and the use of the amazing ‘X-Tornade’ (typo in the book) and Chris saving the day with his Mini Double Sub! Yes, there is a Mini Double Sub! That makes this book incredible.


    Front Cover

    Back Cover


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