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  • Sonic Stadium's Award Shelf

     Created: by Dreadknux


    We come in here to take a seat in our favourite leather chair, smoke our trusty pipe in our granddad slippers and bask in the glory of our many trophies in our metaphorical cabinet. We try our best to get you the best information, and hopefully these awards mean we’re doing something wright rite right. Right…



    September: Sonic HQ Oscar
    TSS was prestigiously awarded by the biggest Sonic site of the time, Sonic HQ, after we made the radical change during the Summer.


    Autumn: The Super Sonic City Award
    The Super Sonic City, which was run by Cyberblade, awarded The Sonic Stadium with his top award. Thanks a lot Cyber! ^_^


    Winter: Sonic Dash Award
    Formerly a site called ‘Sonic Stadium’ (remind you of anything? =P), Sonic Dash has awarded TSS twice! This is the first one we received.



    Spring: Sonic-Team.tk Award
    Despite it being very very cheeky in design, Sonic-Team.tk is a nice enough website that was kind enough to hand TSS it’s very own award.


    Summer: Sonic Dash Award [2]
    This is award number two from Dark Hedgehog’s Sonic Dash website. Very much obliged 🙂



    28th May: Sonic the Hedgehog Base Award
    Dreadknux’s pal, Sonic Guy of Sonic the Hedgehog Base, awarded TSS with his gold award. Thank you very much ^_^





    5th August: TBBZ’s TCT Awards:

    • Best Site of 2003
    • Best Comic
    • Best Fan Art
    • Best Layout

    Needless to say, The Sonic Stadium cleaned up at TBBZ’s primary awards event. Winning four awards, this was a great strength to TSS and proved that we were getting better. Best Fan Art Award was for our Sonic Fan Club section, although goodness knows why we won the Best Comic Award…


    31st August: Sonictonic.tk Award
    The webmaster of sonictonic.tk offered TSS this award – the best Sonic site of 2003.


    4th September: p0wereD by Sonic Award
    P0wereD by Sonic offered us an award for being inventive and creative, which explains the ‘angel’ thing. And it’s true – despite all our hardships, TSS hasn’t given up. Far from it. More of an example to anyone who’s feeling down about their site.


    7th September: Chao’s Hideout Award
    Chaos Hideout and p0wereD by Sonic were closely connected websites – if not actually made by the same people – so this double award came as a nice surprise. Chaos Hideout congratulated us on having a “great site”. Thanks so much!


    8th September: TPR Award Show Awards 2003
    TPR Show host Biafra Republic handed us this rather funky animated award, so it took us a fair amount of time to figure out how to originally display it on this website! TPRInteractive’s awards show of 2003 thought that The Sonic Stadium was ‘The Best General Sonic Site’ and also gave us the ‘Most Webrings’ award. Cheers guys!



    15th January: Blue Sphere – Pro Sonic Site
    The guys at Blue Sphere (Sonic Neo and co) handed us this ‘Pro Sonic the Hedgehog Site’ award. Thanks Blue Sphere.


    12th August: Knuxster’s Sonic Zone Award
    Knuxster’s website, Sonic Zone, decided to give this award to The Sonic Stadium. It’s very much appreciated, cheers!


    27th August: Sonic Communications Gold
    The webmaster of Sonic Communications, se37, awarded TSS for “all that wonderful news and music and images”. We’ll take your word for it, se37 – thanks!


    11th October: Sonic the Hedgehog World – Master Emerald Award
    @real_decimic, fellow SSMB member and webmaster of the Sonic the Hedgehog Worlds website, found The Sonic Stadium so informative that they sent us this award. In the wake of the Sonic Site Awards, it’s nice to get an award ourselves. Thanks a bunch.


    19th October: BSTHMC Silver Award
    The webmaster of Ben’s Sonic the Hedgehog Messenger Club awarded The Sonic Stadium with a silver award for “excellent graphical quality, layout, information and features”, but our lack of updating that year stopped us getting the gold.


    21st November: Best UK Sonic Site
    Squik, aka Thunder the Hedgehog, sent us this award because TSS “kicks the crap outta every other Sonic fanbase i’ve seen”. Nice to be appreciated! No site was mentioned in conjunction with this award, so we can’t link to them… But the award is really cool – we love that flag.



    18th April: Icee’s Cool Site Award
    Icee hosts a forum called the Ice Cube, and whether it’s on behalf of that rather ‘cool’ (see what I did there?) forum or just because he’s a nice lad, we received an award that made us ‘shiver’ with excitement. As Dreadknux used to say (and for the purposes of milking the pun some more), ‘Stay ICE’.


    8th May: Mega Nintendo – Top Award
    The webmaster of a site called ‘Mega Nintendo’ handed us their top award! Unfortunately, the Mega Nintendo site since went a little weird – it used to be a site about Sonic and Nintendo, then turned completely into a Sonic site (yet kept the name) and then decided to nick a ton of TSS’ images and content word-for-word. I guess we were quite the influence eh? Cheers for the award all the same.




    July: Sonic Wrecks Awards:

    • Best Sonic Resource
    • Most Essential Service or Feature
    • Best Overall Sonic Website

    The first annual Sonic Wrecks Awards, or “Handies” as they’re known, seemed to favour The Sonic Stadium this year, with this website winning the most awards. Even though this place needed a lot of work at the time, we still won the “Best Resource” award, as well as the “Best Overall Sonic Website” gong. SONIC NEWS also won the “Most Essential Service” category too, giving us all a bunch of beaming faces. Thanks guys!






    July: Sonic Wrecks Awards:

    • Best Sonic Resource
    • Most Essential Service or Feature
    • Best Overall Sonic Website
    • Big Boot Award

    We cleaned up at the 2006 Sonic Wrecks Awards, nabbing four gongs! Many of these were dedicated to our news portal, Sonic News – unfortunately The Sonic Stadium website itself wasn’t doing too well in the way of updating itself (and Sonic News was a separate minisite at the time, which didn’t help). This meant we eventually got what was coming to us and earned the Big Boot Award, for “Super Websites that are Suffering due to lack of updates”. On the bright side, it’s another award! A kick in the bum indeed, but all in good fun.




    July: Sonic Wrecks Awards:

    • Best Use Of Images Or Graphics
    • Special Contributions Award

    In 2007 The Sonic Stadium went through a bit of a lull period – updates weren’t getting done and Sonic News was the only thing pretty much going for it. Despite being in the running for a few more categories, TSS won two awards at the Handies, which was a great honour considering how much the site actually got updated. At least we survived the Big Boot Award this time, losing out to Sonic HQ (damn). The most pleasing thing was we were voted the Silver Hand for Contributions to the Community. It was awesome to see things like the Summer of Sonic and other TSS projects recognised. Cheers AAUK and to all who voted!


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