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Potential Atlanta SSMB Meet

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7 month bump I know, but this is relevant! I figured it’d be better to post in this topic because it’s a) public and b ) less creepy than me PMing all the folks in the Atlanta area. tongue.png

If anyone missed it, Nepenthe has founded Sonic Georgia for all you fans in the state of Georgia! It’s small, but all great things start that way, don’t they? In case any of you are interested in another meetup in the future, please consider the group; even if you aren’t a member of Facebook, worry not! I plan on sharing any meetup details over in the General Meetups Thread.

This is just to raise public awareness that a formal group for Georgia exists now. Take pride in knowing it’s also the first (and so far only) group in the South (barring your definition of the South including Missouri)! Nothing wrong with a little more exposure, aye?

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I didn't realize this was bumped. Thanks for that, Olgilvie.
Just wanted to say: Anime Weekend Atlanta is coming up at the end of the month, which would be the perfect time and place to not only meet up again, but to actually advertise both the Sonic Georgia and Sonic Social Facebook groups. I've finally gotten over con fatigue and am keeping in mind to accompany some good buddies into the city to hang out and do convention-y/socially awkward things. xP
My general idea to advertise would've been to simply print off some large stock card advertisements or flyers (the larger the better) and actually pass them around during costume performance to interested patrons. I was also tossing around the idea of throwing an advertisement in the con book, but that seems tailored more for companies and sponsors, which means it'd probably cost quite a bit and thus may be unorthodox and unfeasible in the long run. Either way, I have two weeks to move on it, so I'll get moving.

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Just figured I'd share that there's a specific page for the prospective Sonic Georgia meetup on Facebook now in case anyone wants to put themselves down as going. Nepenthe has set the event as public so you don't need to be a member of the group to put down a yes or maybe.

I wish you all luck on your endeavor and hope you guys can have a successful meet. smile.png

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