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Sonic Dash is 10 Years Old

Message added by GX -The Spindash-,

This topic was good and got turned into SEGA HARDlight Celebrates 10 Years of Sonic Dash at some point.

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SEGA Hardlight Twitter: Happy 10th anniversary to #SonicDash, the game that has kept us running, jumping, and collecting rings for a whole decade! 

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You gotta wonder if they have anything special planned for this milestone. I think they added Classic Sonic and Green Hill for the 5th anniversary, right?

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I'm glad it's still up. Dash strikes the perfect balance of the F2P model and traditional offline gameplay and has always been a fun time waster. I think it's due for a new stage or two though (seriously, where's the casino and Eggman base themed stages?), and maybe another challenge mode.

It's otherwise perfect the way it is. Congrats to the Hardlight Team on ten years!

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I don't think that I've played Dash in a year or two. But I got some pretty good mileage out of it over the years, first getting it in my iPhone 4 when it was a paid-for app. Unlocking Knuckles on the daily roulette reel was actually thrilling. Back then, there were only 4 characters and they all had identical stats. And there were only two zones, Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace, with no boss encounters.

The game has evolved in such a way that it still maintains the simple and non-predatory style back from when when it was a paid app. The main reason I stopped playing is because I simply got bored over time and lost all of my progress when switching from IOS to Android. It's nice that the game still exists and is still going strong. 

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13 hours ago, GX -The Spindash- said:

I'm honestly surprised it isn't older. I remember when that was on the Windows Store.

Thankfully, it's also old enough to be a single player only game without server-based saves.

I agree. Although the math checks out, it definitely feels the game is at least, 11–13 years old.

What actually surprises me, is to think the Windows version came about 1–2 years after the mobile release not, like 5 years or so.


I'll also take the opportunity to revive one of my favorite Sonic memories, when I was just beginning Secondary School (11 years old, 2014), and me and my close friend at the time, accidentally started a "Sonic Dash fever" on my school. I think, for probably a week, people of my class wouldn't stop playing the game on their cellphones making competitions of who would go the farthest.

I was obsessed with Sonic by the time, and it's much possible I'm overreacting a bunch here, but geez, now that is hard to believe it's soon to be 10 years. At max, I'd give it a 5-7 year memory (again, yeah, the math checks out, and I still have a problem believing the pandemic lasted roughly 3 years).


Nonetheless, congratulations to one of the most iconic mobile games, and especially one which among the likes of Angry Birds, Gravity Guy, Flow Free, Doodle Jump, Temple Run and Fruit Ninja, consolidated that first generation of mobile games. I'm still skeptical of its formula especially, for me, it's a shameless Temple Run clone, and one of the first pay-to-win games I have memory, nowadays, it feels like I would need years to unlock a single different character when, at most, I only want to play it for like, an hour or so.

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Sonic Dash around up to 7 years ago was thrilling.

Today it’s kinda boring to play now. The characters are basically skins, they all play the same.

Even Super Sonic, I expected for him to play differently but he’s no different to normal Sonic.

The stages are the same old, they recently had Radical City within the mix for the Sonic 2 movie event which was cool, but got rid of it once the event is over now back to the old recycled stages.

And I am STILL after 2 years trying to unlock Mushroom Hill Zone, it really is a chore so I given up on that.

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